The 3 Kinds of Events Where Find Professional Magicians


Magicians for corporate events

No matter which channel you’re watching, it seems like magicians are all over television and popular media. And it comes as no surprise–with their wit, cunning, physical endurance, and skill, magicians have been amazing crowds since as early as the middle ages.
But nowadays, you won’t only find magicians on television. In fact, magicians are skilled entertainers that earn a solid living, averaging at $50,000 per year. There are many kinds of professions for the modern day magician to fall into, and all of them provide entertainment for people in all walks of life.

Here are the 4 most common occupations for professional magicians:

  1. Corporate Event Magician
    These magicians are corporate event entertainers that perform magic at company parties, corporate meetings and events, as well as charity functions. While magicians typically perform illusion tricks, there are also mentalist corporate magicians. These magicians specialize in mind reading and hypnotism.

    Many corporate entertainers also double as comedians; throughout their routines, the magicians will tell jokes and interact with the crowd using humor as a drive for their narrative.
  2. The Emcee
    Many professional magicians will act as emcees for a myriad of events, including birthday parties, charity events and even talent shows. The emcee magician serves as a master of ceremonies, introducing acts, announcing features of the evening, and more. Of course, between these important tasks, the emcee magician wows and entertains their audience through magic tricks, and occasionally calls upon the crowd or audience for help.
  3. The Party Magician
    Contrary to popular belief, magicians aren’t just for children’s birthday parties. Rather, the right magician can be perfect for any birthday party at any walk of life. For children, illusionists are excellent magicians and provide a great deal of visual appeal. For adults, however, there is more versatility to the kinds of tricks that they can perform. For example, mentalists are very popular for adult parties.

Now that you know the types of professional magicians, consider booking one for your next upcoming event!

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