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Many people like going to the theater and attending Broadway shows. Broadway productions and musicals can be fun to watch because phenomenal acting, singing, and dancing are all evident in these shows.

This site is named after our shared love of the Tony Award winning Best Musical of 1969.  Often referred to as the “musical about us”, this production was a lavish telling of the events leading up to the writing of the Declaration of Independence.  With music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards and book by Peter Stone, the original 1969 production of 1776 was notable for its humanizing of the Founding fathers.  These were not untouchable God-like figures unable to tell a lie, they were men who were arguing and fighting their way into the creation of a new nation.

The main character in the production is John Adams.  Who, although ostensibly the hero, does have a song dedicated to his faults (“Sit Down, John”).  The original Broadway production debuted on March 16, 1969 and closed after 1,217 performances. There were several notable actors cast in the production, however for the casual follower of the arts the most impressive was William Daniels in the role of John Adams.  Daniels, of course, is now best know for his role as Mr. Feeney on the long running sitcom Boy Meets World.  Plus he was the voice of KITT on Knight Rider.  Playing both a Founding Father and a talking car?  That’s versatility!  

In 1997, there was a revival of 1776 The Musical on Broadway, which consisted of over 300 performances. There was also a film version produced in 1972.  Although not perfect, it’s a great way to experience the music and spectacle of this incredible show.

This website was created to celebrate 1776 The Musical, and other Broadway productions and musicals. We love musicals and we’re not ashamed to say so! Follow our website perspectives and articles on Broadway, film, the arts, dance…even food and drink?  Can’t enjoy a musical on an empty stomach, right? We write about we’re passionate about, we hope you will share that passion with us.

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