What You Need to Keep in Mind When Choosing the Entertainment for Your Trade Show


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Whether you’re throwing a dinner to celebrate your employees or you’re holding an industry exposition to showcase and discuss the latest advances in your field, choosing the right entertainment is crucial to your success. Unfortunately, many is the business that goes with whatever option is easiest to find and the most affordable. More often than not, you get why you pay for when it comes to corporate event entertainers. If you want to throw an event that makes a big splash and one that will stick in the mind of attendees for a long time to come, here are three tips for choosing the best trade show entertainment, whatever your event.

What’s Important When Choosing Trade Show Entertainment?

  1. You Always Want Experience Over Flash
  2. If you follow any of the tips on this list, make sure it’s this one. No matter how exciting an entertainer’s show may be, it won’t mean a thing if they don’t have the experience to deal with unforeseen difficulties. Experienced performers know how to adapt their act when the crowd isn’t into it, making the best out of a bad situation. New performers with super flashy acts may seem like they offer the best value, but when things go wrong, can you really rely on a spring chicken to hold out under pressure?

  3. Don’t Just Look at Entertainers’ Main Skills
  4. When you’re trying to choose trade show entertainment, it can be tempting to pick a performer based on their performance skill; however, you need to not only consider their performance skills but their supplemental skills as well. Take, for example, the professional magician: sure, they need to be able to perform spectacular feats of illusion, but as The Scientific American details, to really sell their tricks, magicians need more than a little slight of hand. From Houdini to Copperfield, the greatest magicians had backgrounds in psychology. This knowledge allowed them to be more effective performers. Looking for these sorts of supplemental skills in your entertainers will help guarantee a successful show.

  5. If You’re Going with a Speaker, Look for a Great Idea
  6. Of course, not every trade show calls for magicians or other flashy performers. Sometimes, you really just need a great speaker. If this sounds like your situation, don’t make the classic mistake of choosing an entertainer based on their oratory abilities. As TED suggests, you need to choose your speakers based on great ideas, not great speaking abilities. The reason is simple enough: no matter how good a speaker your choice may be, it won’t mean a thing if their topic makes watching water boil seem interesting.

What tricks have you used to find great corporate entertainment? Let us know in the comments below. Read this for more.

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