Why Every Man Should Dress for Success–and Defy Stereotypical Masculine Ideals


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When it comes to the workplace, what will keep you within a professional position is drive, know how, and, of course, ability. But what will get you there? According to research, first impressions are what seal the deal.
In a recent survey, researchers asked recruiters to report about their first perceptions in an interview. According to the study, over 33% of the recruiters decided if the candidate being interviewed was right for the job within the first 90 seconds.
And why? It’s not like someone can fully communicate their abilities to an interviewee in a minute and a half. Instead, the interviewers rely on their perception of an individual to assess whether or not they are trustworthy and competent enough for the position. This is qualified by factors such as how one carried themselves, their physical body language, and their mode of dress.
All of these factors point to a sense of confidence in the interviewee. If a man doesn’t appear to have confidence in himself, why should an interviewer trust him for the position?
Even if you don’t have confidence, there’s good news for you yet. Here, the term ‘fake it til you make it’ comes into play. And what’s the best way to do so? Why, with your sartorial choices of course.
Being a well dressed man is about more than just looking good–it’s about feeling good. While confidence is seemingly intangible, it is an asset that will set you apart from the rest of the wolf pack.
In our unfortunately performatively masculine and patriarchal culture, there is often a perception that mens jewelry and fashion are not ‘manly’ things to think and care about. Meanwhile, research tells us otherwise. In that same interview, 65% of recruiters told researchers that regardless of gender, a person’s clothing choices are often the determinant factor of whether or not they are hired.
Luckily, there are a breadth of options for a man looking to foray into the world of fashion. If you’re an amateur, it may help to start small. Invest in a handsome custom belt buckle, and perhaps a tooled leather belt. As far as jewelry goes, men’s rings are subtle but strong statements of confidence.
Worried about what to wear? Well worry not. When it comes to interviews, a well pressed, neutral toned suit in dark navy or gray. And don’t forget to polish those shoes! To learn more, read this.

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