So You Want to Be a Magician? Here's What It's Like


Corporate event entertainers

Magic as a performance art has been around for centuries. The first magicians appeared in the middle ages as performed at carnivals, fair, and upper class and noble residences. Many were also street performers, and shocked audiences with their cleverness, wit, and slight of hand.
Throughout the centuries, the magician has remained a popular source of entertainment for adults and children alike. In present day, the role of the magician has become a versatile one, as there are many different kinds that lend to a multitude of talents and audiences. Corporate event magicians, for example, are magicians that perform specially for corporate events such as business meetings and company gatherings. Many of these magicians serve as emcee for corporate meetings.
There are other types of event magicians, such as magicians for birthday parties. Magicians for birthday parties typically performed magic tricks that are aimed at children. These magicians for birthday parties are considered private party entertainers, with their own entertainment companies and listing of services. Many professional magicians make a living off of their trade, earning an average of $50,000 a year for their services.
Being a magician is no easy task. Rather, a skilled magician is one with a great deal of with, is able to think on their toes, and is always looking to improve. They must have quality speaking skills, and must be able to instruct their audience clearly and in an enjoyable manner. To master a trick, a magician typically has to practice it time and time again, and must have a back up plan in case something goes wrong during their trick.
Nowadays, magic is so mainstream that many magicians are on reality television. Many of these magicians are mentalists, meaning they use alleged mind control or mind reading to amaze the crowd. An example of a contemporary popular mentalist is Criss Angel, the proclaimed “mind freak”. His television show that aired in the early 2000’s brought on a wave of magic craze across America, and the craze still lives on today.

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