The Finest Balloons For a Party


The idea of balloons is older than some people might realize. All the way back in 1824, a certain Professor Michael Faraday invented them by combining rubber sheets and pressing together their edges. Today, though, balloons come in a dazzling varieties of colors, shapes, materials, and more. Air filled balloons are those filled with ordinary air such as from a pump or even a person’s breath, while foil balloons tend to be filled with helium to float. Balloons are often pictures as floating, and many do, but they don’t have to. In many cases, air filled balloons work just as well if not better, and are easier to fill. Helium is easiest to acquire with business to business (B2B) purchases, while air filled balloons are a fine choice for someone setting up a birthday party or other event. A packet of 100 air filled balloon models may be found at a party supply store, ready to be blown up. What is there to know about the fun of blowing up and using balloons?

Models of Balloons

There’s more than one way to make a balloon. One type is foil balloons, which have a thin but tough metallic body and are typically filled with helium. These balloons can be made into more shapes than the typical pear shape of rubber or latex balloons; they can be formed into squares, circles, or even numbers or letters, and sealing on their sides will make this possible. Such balloons are made from two sheets cut into the right shape, and fused on the edges to form a complete balloon. That balloon may then be inflated with helium and forms its complete shape. Most often, these foil balloons can have graphics printed on to them, especially the square and circular ones. This can make them customizable for nearly any occasion.

Not that regular balloons are being left out. Classic balloons are widely used, and they may be made of either rubber or latex. They are small when they’re not inflated, but once they’re filled with air, they can grow quite a bit and form their teardrop or upside down pear shape and maintain it for hours. These balloons can be either filled with helium and then attached onto strings, or they may be air filled balloons instead and attached to something. Those balloons might be taped onto walls or ceilings or display stands, for example, or even on the ends of rods. They may even be scattered across the floor in some occasions.

Basic safety should be observed, too, especially where children and animals are concerned. When they’re not inflated, these balloons can be a choking hazard, so small children, babes, and pets should not be allowed to handle them. And when a balloon is filled, the owner is encouraged to keep it away from pointy items that may puncture it, not to mention heat. Something hot such as a large light source will heat up the air inside a balloon, and hot air expands until it may rupture the balloon. Balloons near stage lights, for example, are bound to burst.

Where to Use Them

When is a good time for foil or latex balloons? A lot of occasions call for them, and they can be a quick and fun way to make any event more colorful and festive. A classic example is a birthday party, most often a kid’s birthday party or a girl’s Sweet 16 birthday party. Balloons, along with streamers, strings of letters, and other decorations, will make for a fun and festive atmosphere. And that’s not all. Balloons can also be used as gifts, such as for a hospital patient. Grocery stores often offer foil balloons with specialized messages printed on them, such as “get well soon” and the like. But that’s not all. Balloons are also a great choice for a baby shower or bridal shower party, along with other decorations, and an outdoor festival or carnival is also a great time for balloons. Vendors at those fun events may sell helium-filled balloons one at a time to patrons, and kids often like getting them to carry around.

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