Finding the Best Chicken Wings in Town


A number of livestock species are kept around the world, and one of the most popular ones, aside from cows and pigs, is chickens. This poultry is cultivated around the world and beloved for its eggs and meat alike, and it proves especially popular in some parts of the world with dietary restrictions of other meats. In the United States in particular, chickens are widely cultivated, and they number in the billions. Many farms include chickens to gather their eggs and later, their meat. This meat is known for being prepared in all sorts of ways, ranging from the best chicken wings with spices and sauces in town to chicken meat in authentic Latin restaurants and more. Chicken meat may be breaded, or it may be dipped in sauce or be shredded and put into a taco or a burrito. Americans love chicken from coast to coast, but the best chicken wings and Latin restaurants might be found in Miami, Florida in particular. What else is there to know about chicken today?

Chicken Everywhere

Chicken is a common food in the United States today, and since a lot of statistics and surveys are done about how Americans eat, there’s plenty of numbers to show how often Americans like chicken in particular. Back in 2015, for a fairly recent example, nearly nine billion broiler chickens, which weighed a total of 53 billion pounds when alive, were produced in that nation. In that same year, around 40 billion pounds of chicken was marketed, and this is measuring the meat on a ready-to-cook basis alone. In that year, Americans consumed an impressive 90.1 pounds of chicken meat per capita, and estimates at the time suggested that Americans would consume 91.8 pounds of it per capita in 2016. Overall, the United States consumes the most chicken in the world, and it ranks first among all proteins that Americans consume. Such meat is popular year round and many occasions call for the best chicken wings in town, but July 4th is an especially popular time for grilling meat, and that includes chicken, too. Americans will, each year, buy 700 million pounds of chicken in the week leading up to July 4th.

Ways to Eat Chicken

There isn’t exactly a “wrong” way to eat chicken, but some Americans may have some preferences on how they eat it. Americans love to buy packaged chicken meat for preparing meals at home, but they also like to get chicken as fast food and at sit-down restaurants, too. For example, the best chicken wings in one’s area are a fine choice for nearly any party, and in fact many Americans consider chicken wings and dipping sauce to be a staple of a sports-watching party. Chicken wings may be found alongside chips and dip, pizza, and more during such a party, and in fact many pizza chains are known to provide chicken wings too. The best chicken wings may be sold at specialty stores, meanwhile, who cater mostly chicken to customers. Such outlets may have the widest variety of flavors for sauce and breading on chicken wings, in fact.

Chicken is also a fine ingredient for most Latin food, and there’s a distinction to make. Tex-Mex is when Mexican food is blended with Texas cuisine, and this often features beef, cheddar cheese, and flour tortillas and taco shells. Meanwhile, truly authentic Latin cuisine is based on local ingredients and common dishes that native Mayans and Aztecs cultivated. Corn tortillas are typical, as is white cheese, rice, cilantro, lime juice, peppers, chicken, and fish. Many Americans are content with Tex-Mex, but someone who is visiting the Florida coast may instead opt to find high-end, authentic Latin restaurants in the area. Such food often involves chicken rather than beef. The same might be said when someone orders Latin or Mexican food as catering for a larger event, such as a sports event or a charity meal or a large birthday party. In this case, an event organizer may look up local caterers who offer Mexican food and order enough for everyone. This may include make-it-yourself taco and burrito options.

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