When You Rent a Party Tent and Chairs


Most activities and events take place indoors, or at least under a roof. And when the weather is good, and when the event’s organizers are interested, they may host a wedding, corporate meeting event, or a charity meal under a large tent. These are not ordinary camping tents; proper tent rental means dealing with a tent rental service that offers many large tents with generous floor spaces. Wedding flooring rentals, in this case, means party rent rental from a local company and also figuring out how much floor space is needed for everything. After all, wedding flooring rentals without square footage concerns may mean either wasted room or not enough room for everyone. To make wedding flooring rentals effective, there are some steps that the event’s organizers should keep in mind. That way, wedding flooring rentals can be convenient and price friendly for everyone involved.

Tables and Chairs

Renting a tent means knowing the total floor space, or square footage, that is needed. But this figure should not be estimated, or “eyeballed,” or else the rented tent may be either too large (a waste of money) or too small (and guests will be upset that they’re left out). To begin, the event’s organizers may count up how many people will be in attendance. For a wedding meal in particular, this means consulting the guest list, and creating and finalizing that guest list is a whole topic on its own. At any rate, the bride and groom, and a wedding planner if they hired one, will work hard to finalize the names of all guests and how many total there are. This number is a critical starting point for figuring out floor space needs.

With the guest total in hand, the event organizers may now decide how many tables and chairs to rent for the event, and what type, too. It’s impractical to actually buy all those tables and chairs, so wedding organizers will rent them instead (the rental service for that is distinct from tent rental). The organizers of the event may choose a few long tables, or they may opt for smaller square tables or even round ones. It’s common to get a number of round tables, each of which might six to 12 people or so, depending on the size. The number of tables and guests will also dictate the total number of chairs that will be used.

Now the space between all these items should be considered. Tables and chairs shouldn’t be crammed right up against each other; there must be room for people to walk between the tables, and there must also be room for chairs to slide in and out. Guests who use walkers or wheelchairs may be accommodated too, for the extra width. Such guests might be seated near the edge of the general seating area for convenience. The total number, shape, and size of tables, along with the number of chairs and the space between tables and chair sliding room, will all combine to determine the square footage needed. This number may be in the thousands, but that’s to be expected. Many tent rental companies may offer tents ranging from modest roof-style tents to truly enormous tents that may house over a hundred people.

Rent that Tent

With the square footage firmly determined, the party or wedding organizers may now visit local tent rental companies, and visit their websites ahead of time to see what sort of tents are offered and the address of the rental site. But not everything can be done online; renters must visit the rental company in person to look over the tents and ask the staff any questions that they may have. It’s important to check tents for defects such as rips or holes, stains, or any other problems. Renters may also arrange for extra features, such as fabric walls (complete with clear plastic windows) that can be attached to create a more indoor feel if desired. This can be done for personal style, or even if the event organizers want to prepare ahead of time in case of rain or wind, or both. Gusts of rainy wind might ruin an outdoor wedding meal, but walls will block the elements.

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