Ring in the New School Year with a Small Gift for Teachers


The lazy days of summer are coming to an end. That means school bells are ringing, parent drop-off and pick-up lines are growing and your child is about to have a new teacher for the school year. Don’t be like 25% of the population of the United States that wait until the very last minute to buy gifts. Shop now and express your gratitude to teachers for the hard work ahead with small gift ideas that put a spark into the first day of school.

Teachers are the closest personas to unsung superheroes. They teach and take care of children throughout the school year and help them grow in spirit and knowledge. At the beginning of the school year, and all throughout the year, show teachers how much you appreciate them and the job they are doing with small gift ideas that make it easy to show your gratitude.

Skip the apples, and make gift giving fun with cute small gifts that really touch the heart. A few ideas include a desktop zen garden for calming moments, mini foam balls for squeezing out the stress, a miniature paint set to unleash their inner Picasso or other types of one of a kind gifts that are easily incorporated on a teacher’s desk. There are many inexpensive ideas for filling gift baskets online too.

Choose from Tantalizing Small Gift Ideas

Small gift ideas are perfect for teachers who tend to get quite a few gifts from students. You can purchase unique gifts online that show appreciation with practical and personal elements for teachers of every grade level. And yes, apples have played a core role in teacher’s gifts, pun intended. However, consider them to be the type of gift the wicked step mother gave Snow White and choose more thoughtful and unique small gifts that show you really put some effort into gift-giving.

You can find many special small gift ideas and create themes that are truly fun and whimsical. Fashion themes that show you and your child are ‘tickled pink’ with a pink-themed gift basket for a new teacher. Let them know your child feels like they are ‘mint to be in their class’ with an assortment of goodies including mini spatulas and a mint chocolate chip cookie mix. Or show just how ‘refreshing it is to be in their classroom’ with a selection of flavored bottled water and a tiny book.

Make the Holidays a ‘Little’ Brighter for Teachers

The beginning of the school year is just the start. Make the holidays, and don’t forget teacher’s appreciation day, a little brighter with ‘little’ gifts with big personality. Even the tiniest gifts, such as miniature books or the smallest vacuum ever show you appreciate the big effort teachers put into educating your kids.

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