Looking For A Small Unique Gift? Consider The Benefits of A Zen Garden For Your Desk!


If you’re looking for small gift ideas, but aren’t sure what exactly to get. A zen garden for your desk can be an out of the box, unique gift choice that anyone can enjoy. Now I can almost picture the raised eyebrows, what is so special about a small zen garden for your desk? Well, you would be surprised at the benefits that can actually come from a desktop garden. A few of which include:

  • An Ongoing Connection. If you are spiritually inclined, a desktop zen garden can act as a reminder of your spiritual practices. If your goal is to stay mindful throughout the day, it can serve as a way to stay connected even during stressful days. It can also give you something to focus on, and recenter your mind.
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief. A zen garden for your desk can also provide a calming effect as you interact with and rearrange it. Combing the sand, or moving around the stones, can give you a break from your work, and help you relax.
  • Discipline, Focus, and Concentration Boosts. A desktop garden can also act as a reminder that staying focused, and getting though your work, will yield to benefits later on. Once the work is done you can relax and unwind, which can give you the boost to stay disciplined throughout the work day.
  • Creativity. Zen gardens can also promote creativity. They have the potential to aid with creative thought and problem solving. Desktop zen gardens can also come in various creative designs, from ying and yang styles, to more abstract shapes. You can definitely find a style that suits your tastes and can help fuel your own creative mind set.
  • Beauty, and Enhanced Decor. Zen gardens for your desk are surprising in how simple they are, but how uniquely beautiful they can be. Kanso (simplicity) and fukinsei (asymmetrical balance), are Japanese concepts that fuse together in order to create this graceful, yet striking, beauty.

Zen gardens can have a surprising range of benefits that can not only remind you to practice mindfulness in your everyday life, but can help you stay calm, and relax under pressure. They come in a range of styles, from more traditional Buddhist design, to modern artistic interpretations.

Whether you are a student who lives in a dorm and would like to brighten up your space, or you work in an office and want to bring some style to your area, a desktop zen garden is for you. These tiny terrariums have the personality and style that cannot be denied.

If you are looking for little gift ideas for a friend, or even yourself (we all need to treat ourselves now and then!), consider what a zen garden for your desk can do for you.

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