Finding the Best Brands of Wine


Wine, made from fermented grapes, ranks among the most popular beverages in the world today, alongside beer, tea, coffee, and plain water. For centuries, people around the world have enjoyed red wines, white wines, and similar beverages, such as Japanese sake, or rice wine. France and Italy are the two major wine-producing nations of the world today, home to many of the world’s favorite brands, some of which have centuries of experience with wine making. Recently, the United States became the world’s third major wine nation, with the sunny state of California in particular making 90% of all American wine. Still, most other American states have at least a few wineries in them, and Americans love to drink wine, as do Europeans. Wine lovers today have more options than ever before, and even someone who doesn’t live near a winery or vineyard may order some fine white wines, fine red wines, and more through online catalogs. And of course, any wine lover may enjoy a visit to a local winery or vineyard.

Americans and Wine

The United States doesn’t have the same extensive history with wine that most European nations do, but it’s safe to say that in the last few hundred years, Americans caught up and have proven themselves passionate wine lovers. In fact, surveys show that while beer is American men’s favorite alcoholic drink, wine is American women’s favorite drink, and many occasions call for wine for everyone. In the year 2016, for example, some 949 million gallons of wine were consumed, and it may come as a surprise to hear that many wine lovers are young adults. And wine is growing even more popular; recent research suggests that by 2020, American wine retail sales may grow another 11% or so.

Most Americans aged 21 and over like to drink wine, but in particular, those of the Millennial generation, born from 1982 to 1995 or so, are the biggest wine fans in terms of total wine consumed per sitting and total spending on wine. These young adults pay the most per bottle for wine, and they in fact out-drink their Baby Boomer parents. And as long as someone drinks wine responsibly, they may enjoy some minor health benefits, such as a lowered risk of early death, and in the case of red wine, a lowered risk of heart disease. Wine is also known for being a fine social lubricant, making people feel at ease around one another. It may not be a coincidence that wine is a common beverage during dinner dates.

Find Some Wine

Americans may be looking for fine wines such as Barolo wines, for example, and white wines are the most popular of all. Americans enjoy both red and white wines, but a majority of them name white wine as their preferred type. Either way, a consumer may visit a local winery to get some of their favorite bottles. At a winery, a tour group may get a guided tour of the winery and its history, and they can of course visit the shop on site, offering many different brands of wine produced there. This shop may also include wine accessories such as durable tote bags, corkscrews, and more.

What about a consumer who can’t easily find a local winery? In this case, a buyer may turn to the Internet’s online catalogs, and wine has found its place in the e-commerce market. E-commerce in the United States is rapidly growing and spans many different product types, wine among them. A shopper can find the wine that they like online, specifying the brand, red or white wines, French or Italian or Californian wine, and any other factor. When someone orders wine, and the supplier is close by, that wine may be delivered right to the buyer’s property. Since it’ an alcoholic product, someone must be there to sign for it.

In other cases, the wine will be delivered to a warehouse and put into a cooler to protect it, since wine would suffer in a semi truck’s warm cargo trailer. Customers will be notified of this, and they may come visit the warehouse and pick their wine products to take back home with them.

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