Choosing the Right Wine


Wine still stand as one of the oldest and most popular beverages in the world, alongside beer and tea, and today, a bigger variety than ever of wines, whether red or white, dry or sweet, are out there for customers to try out, and there are a number of ways that a person can find the types of wine that they like and obtain the bottles, whether at a vineyard or wine retailer, or even on the Internet. Some brands such as Barolo wines are popular among customers today, young and old, and the market for wine is still going strong, and may in fact grow in the near future. To buy white wines online or get red wine online may take a little savvy, but it can be worth it if a customer does not live near vineyards to collect the wine where it is made. Barolo wines and other brands are often just one drive or Internet search away. Where can the best white wines and red wines be found?

The Market for Wine

Sales for wine and other alcoholic beverages like beer are stronger than ever, and a dazzling variety of people want these drinks from coast to coast. In fact, wine dates back some 6,000 years ago in the Middle East, and it was a staple drink among the Greek and Romans in antiquity, and continued as a popular drink in Europe in the Middle Ages and beyond. Today, vineyards are still a sizeable industry, with more brands and flavors of wine than ever before for any palate and price range among customers. The United States is a strong market for wine alongside classic wine regions like France and Italy; in the United States alone, for example, some 949 million gallons of wine were consumed in the year 2016, and in fact American wine retail sales are predicted to grow about 11% by the year 2020. In the American sector of wine production and consumption, the state of California leads the way, having an abundance of vineyards. California alone produces about 90% of all of American-made wine, making it a haven for American wine lovers of all types. And among American consumers, it has been found that red wine is the most popular type, at 38%, and white wine is second at 32%, in various brands like Barolo wines and more. Finally, a Harris poll shows that among women, wine is the favorite alcoholic beverage, beating out beer at 46%.

Find the Wine

Barolo wines and more can be purchases in person or online, and there are advantages to both. Visiting a vineyard can be a thrilling outing for any wine lover, who may love to see the vineyards themselves and the huge wooden caskets used to hold wine, and many bottles will be available to buy, representing a fantastic variety of flavors and brands, such as Barolo wines, red or white, sweet or dry. The gift shop may also have all sorts of accessories for wine lovers, from cork removers to wine bottle carrying bags to wooden plaques and display signs of the vineyard’s brand, or the brands of the wines that it carries. Someone who lives close to one or more vineyards, typically in California, may have favorite vineyards and related stores to visit, and can get tours of the place and find just the right kind of wine, or wine accessories.

For those who do not live close to a vineyard, wines can be bought online, and here again, a wide variety of flavors, types, and brands, Barolo and beyond such as sparkling wine, can be found. Wine is a relatively fragile item to ship, however, and the delicate nature of wine, not to mention the fact that it is alcoholic, can complicate delivery somewhat. If the wine shipment arrives at the customer’s address, for example, there must be someone present to sign it, and wine can become damaged if it is left sitting in a truck’s hot cargo bed for too long. For this reason, some carriers may deliver the wine to a facility closer to the customer’s home, then move all wine products to safer storage in the building and notify each customer that their wine is ready. The customers can pick up the wine there.

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