Three Crowd-Pleasing Apple-Themed Desser Recipes!


It’s no wonder, really, that autumn is the most popular season — in fact, 29% of Americans would take autumn over the other three seasons any day! Autumn brings a number of different seasonal traditions and holidays. Its brisk temperatures, not too cold and not too hot, make it the perfect time for people of all ages to enjoy the great outdoors. A lot of people see autumn as a time to go back to old traditions — and perhaps nothing is more traditionally autumnal than visiting apple farms to pick out your very own apples.

Apple farms often host special events during autumn, and the picturesque, old-fashioned appearance of an orchard is perhaps the best place to get your autumnal family photo sessions in. But beyond that — and other fun farm activities, like shopping for arts and crafts and taking in the sights — local apple farms are great ways for people to source healthy, often organic, apples! Most apple farms offer a wide variety of different types of apples, from the sweet Golden Delicious apples to the slightly more biting Granny Smith apples. With that being said, it’s easy to come back from the farm with a bit more than you expected — so with that being said, we’re going to give you some inspiration for how to use those apples once you bring them home!

1. Apple Pies

Yes, apple pies may almost seem too traditional — but there’s a reason why they’re an American staple. Apple pies are relatively easy to make, crowd-pleasing, and if you have more apples on hand than you know what to do with, they’re great ways to use them. To make one nine-inch pie, you’ll need to use about two pounds of apples! According to Crisco and the American Pie Council, pies won the place of the most popular dessert to bring to a holiday dinner; so if you find yourself invited to an autumnal holiday party, just whip up an apple pie and you won’t leave anyone disappointed. With that being said, if you’re looking to spice up your apple pie recipe — literally or metaphorically — there are plenty of unique takes on the traditional dessert available. Try frying mini apple pies if you want to get daring, or creating an apple pie trifle. Tossing in different flavors like salted caramel or even dates can bring an extra kick to your pie, while keeping that classic sensibility.

2. Apple Donuts

Donuts may come off as an intimidating dessert to make — and yes, they do involve a bit more effort than perhaps a pie would. It’s the shape of the donut that can give people some difficulty, but practice makes perfect! For that matter, hand made donuts are perfect for those that want to use up their apples before they lose their freshness. Fresh, farm-grown apples are perfect for apple donuts, which are best made with the freshest apples possible. Keep in mind that you’ll probably want to pick up a pastry brush to help you make your donuts; and these are best eaten on the same day, so don’t make too many at once!

3. Apple Cheesecake

Now, this is one you may not have made before! Cheesecake is perhaps more popular than ever, and this trendy dessert is especially great when it’s made with apples. While some recipes may recommend “cheating” with store-bought apple pie filling, the best flavor is found when you use fresh apples. Be prepared to puree them if necessary! The great thing about apple cheesecake is that, between the borderline savory flavors found in the cheesecake mixture and the fresh flavors of the apples, it’s a dessert that doesn’t overdose on sugary sweetness. But, if you’d like a bit more of a traditional dessert flavor, add in a bit of caramel!

We won’t claim that these apple recipes are as healthy as a salad — but in using your own fresh apples, you’re skipping the store and returning to tradition. You’ll find that with the great flavor and freshness of apples straight from the farm, the possibilities are endless!

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