6 Creative Ways To Incorporate Balloons Into Your Wedding


When celebrating a special occasion there are many decoration options that exist. One such option, that many people tend to overlook, is balloons. Latex balloons and foil balloons are more versatile than many people give them credit for, and gave give a colorful ‘pop’ to any special occasion.

Heart Shaped Balloons

Take a wedding for instance, you would be surprised at the amount of creative uses balloons can have for this special day. If you want to create a truly unique atmosphere, here are a couple options to keep in mind.

  • Backdrops. Balloons come in any and every color imaginable, so finding ones to match your wedding theme won’t be a difficult feat. Stringing up rows of balloons can create a beautiful three dimensional backdrop that can be incorporated in many ways. Placing them behind the cake table, or behind a carefully crafted dessert stand, can create a fun, but elegant background.
  • Filling The Floor. If your wedding reception hall features a dance floor, you have the fun option of filling it with balloons. This can add a whimsical flair that guests, especially young ones, will love dancing with. It also provides the opportunity for some really stunning photos.
  • Ceiling Stoppers. Hanging balloons from the ceiling is another fantastic way of incorporating them into your wedding. If the reception will be held in low light, consider popping in glow sticks before blowing them up and hanging them. This will give them a gorgeous glow that can offer a dazzling overhead display. It’s a little way of bringing your own stars into the venue if you’re unable to get outside. Another creative idea is hanging heart shaped balloons over the guest tables. On each balloon the name of the guest can be written to add a personalized effect.
  • Balloon Arch. Whether you’re getting married inside or outside, adding a colorful archway is always a nice touch. Attaching balloons in your chosen colors can create a gorgeous frame for all of your pictures.
  • Garlands. Garlands are making a comeback in the wedding scene, and weaving balloons into the foliage can give an extra pop of color to simple muted greens. These garlands can be hung, or run along tables in the place of centerpieces.
  • Tied To The Car. When it gets time to depart the wedding, we all know the traditional image of ‘just married’ signs hitched to the back of the car. Attaching heart shaped balloons along the sign, or trailing along the back, brings new life to this tradition.

Balloons have numerous creative uses for all types of special occasions. When it comes to weddings the sky’s the limit when it comes to finding unique and fun ways to incorporate them. Working with your designer, you are sure to come up with beautiful balloon decorations to help make your wedding even more special and memorable.

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