Everything You Need to Host a Killer Movie Night


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If you’re looking for a simple, fun party idea, you can’t beat a good movie night. All you need for a killer movie night is the right movie rental, some snacks, a cozy setup, and a few friends to enjoy it with.

If you still aren’t sure that you have what it takes to choose the best movie rental or to make the best snacks for your epic movie night, you’ve come to the right place. Stand by for our quick and easy guide to hosting a killer movie night!

Everything You Need to Host a Killer Movie Night

  1. Choose the right movie.
    This is probably a no-brainer. Since the entire point of the movie night is to enjoy a great movie, picking the best movie rental is a must. This is definitely a “know your audience” kind of situation. If your guests are in the child demographic, it might be a good idea to stick with a family-friendly blockbuster movie rental. If your group is tween-age, go for a young-adult appropriate hit. If your group is more in the adult old enough to rent a car, you could get away with a more mature-themed movie. The trick is to cater to the youngest or most sensitive member of your party, to ensure that everyone is comfortable, while also making sure that you choose a movie that is entertaining for everyone.

    If you have a mixed-age group coming to your party, a great way to choose a movie that is appropriate for all ages while still being entertaining is to select a 90’s era hit. The younger members of your party will enjoy it for its storyline, while the older members will enjoy a throwback to their youth.

    If you still aren’t sure, ask for suggestions from your local video rental store or even consider a satellite dish installation. Your dish network installation service will offer millions of movie options on-demand. In other words, satellite TV installation offers you the ability to poll the crowd and choose a flick everyone wants to watch.

  2. Pick a great food spread.
    Watching a good movie while eating delicious food go hand in hand! After selecting the best movie for your movie night, your next greatest responsibility is choosing the best food spread for your guests to enjoy while watching said movie.

    Make sure that your menu includes a few dishes from each taste pallet: a little sweet, a little salty, a little savory, and a little crunchy. Finger foods work best for movie nights, since your guests will be relaxing on your couches, pillows, or whatever other lounging arrangements you make (we’ll cover this shortly), and won’t have the luxury of a dining room table to sit at. Consider a spread of appetizers, so your guests can choose their own delicious snacks throughout the movie.

    Of course, there is no greater classic pairing than a movie and popcorn. Popcorn is a must. You can get creative with your popcorn, and make it part of the entertainment. Consider a “build your own” popcorn bar. Offer plain popcorn with the fixings to make it any way your guests choose. Offer movie-theater butter, caramel, melted chocolate, cheese, sprinkles, and jalepenos. There’s no bad topping when we’re talking popcorn!

  3. Make it Comfy
    Now that you’ve chosen the right movie and the right food for your killer movie night, you need to consider a setup that will be enjoyed by all your guests. If the arrangements aren’t cozy, the whole night is a bummer. The good thing is, movie night accommodations are pretty low-key. All you need is a nice spread of blankets and pillows, so your guests can spread out and relax. If you’re low on blankets, you can search thrift stores or outlets for cheap options; they don’t have to coordinate with your decor since they’ll only be used once.

    This serves as a double bonus, because if you are one of those who does not appreciate food being eaten in rooms that aren’t meant to have food (such as the kitchen and dining room), the spreading blankets across your floors acts as a barrier to spills. When the night is over, simply throw the blankets in the wash, and your floors are unscathed.

Do you have any tips or tricks? Please share below!

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