5 Reason to Hire an Art Consult for Your Business


Artwork for hospitality industry

Business owners are always looking for new ways to improve their business. It’s important to find ways that you can make your business better for those working under you. One way to do so is to created a better work space. The way you can do that is by putting up artwork in the halls of your commercial building. This can actually benefit you, your employees, your customers, and thus the work overall.

For instance, the University of London conducted a study in 2011 and found that subjects gained a “joy response” from looking at beautiful paintings. The benefits of placing art around your building don’t just stop there. You, your employees, and your customers can all find yourselves in happier and healthier places because of the new color surroundings. Here are 5 other reasons why you should consider hiring an art consultant for your business today.

  1. Boost Productivity
    It’s important that for your business you find a way to boost your productivity in any way you can. This is beneficial for the whole building overall. With this in mind, it’s best that you invest in art. Art consulting services can help you find the right artwork to boost productivity.

    For instance, a survey found that people liked when they worked in well decorated spaces. These people ended up being 17% more productive than those who weren’t in such areas. Being surrounded by artwork can actually make workers more willing to work because they feel better about the environment and the work they are doing there.
  2. Add to the Style of the Building
    Clearly, it’s great when a place you work at feels more complete. The style of an office or a hospital can add to the atmosphere of the place. Artwork for hospitals can make someone’s stay there just a little bit better. Think about it, would you rather stay in an empty room with white walls and flooring, or would you rather stay in a room that pops with color?
  3. Less Stress
    It’s also important to note that these art designs can lower the stress of a room. For instance, different hotel lobby design ideas can give you different feelings. The hot fiery red painting may not give off the same welcoming feeling that a calm breezy plain painting would do. Adding to that, offices can also benefit from hiring an art consultant. Another survey found that 78% of those surveyed agreed with the idea that a workplace with art actually reduced stress.
  4. Invokes Involvement
    Just as those who see this artwork may feel more engaged with their work, they may also feel more engaged with others. For instance, feeling more joyful can cause one to be more active. That can show in an office where workers will feel more inclined to work their butts off. Another way this shows is if people are suddenly more social. This doesn’t just mean that people are staring at a painting and talking about it, but could also be a case where a hospital patient feels livelier due to his or her brighter environment.
  5. Ups the Financial Worth
    In addition to that is the idea that hiring an art consultant can lead to your building having an increased financial worth. If you’re hiring a consultant, you are hiring someone who knows good quality artwork. That artwork will of course come with a price. While you can save up on deals, if you do shell out for the more expensive work, your space can also increase in its value. Having all of that expensive artwork hanging around can show just how big your business as become.

Hiring an art consultant for your work space can lead to many great changes. You can create a space that is comfortable for you and your employees. Also, that can lead to higher performance rates by those working in the area. In addition, the pleasant area can lift the moods of those around you. In places such as hospitals, that is a wonderful occurrence. With all that in mind, consider looking into art consulting firms today. The betterment of your company, business, and people are waiting.

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