Ballroom Dance Lessons Need to Be On Your Wedding To-Do List


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Ballroom dance lessons are a great way to prepare for your upcoming wedding in several ways. Learning to dance can be one method of relieving some of that stress you are building up over wedding details, as well as a fun way to get into shape. And because everyone expects the bride and groom dance, your partner can gain some confidence before the big event as well. Dancing may not be your strong suit, but that is precisely why ballroom dance lessons should be on your agenda as your days lead up to special day.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons: What Is Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dance styles are not just one type of dance. It encompasses about 12 different dance styles, a few of which are actually styles that evolved from others. For example, the Cha-Cha is a dance that formed from just a few steps of the Rumba and Mambo. The Waltz, Jive, and Swing are other styles people can learn.

Ballroom dancing lessons begin with learning tempo and body control in relation to the music. This can help people learn to “feel” the music. Feeling comfortable with the beat, and knowing how your body moves, are the basics necessary before anything else.

Wedding Dances: Practice Keeps You From Feeling (And Looking) Foolish.

About 88% of all people will marry at some point in their lives. Now, not everyone has a big reception. But for those who do, the average number of guests is about 165 people. Even though that is a lot of family and friends happy to celebrate in your joy, that is also quite a lot of people to dance in front of.

Brides-To-Be: Cross More Than One Task Off That List.

Brides and grooms have so many details to see to so that everything can run smoothly. And even with careful planning, there can be cancellations, late deliveries, and unforeseen mishaps. Usually, the couple tries to maintain or increase their fitness level so that they can look great in their wedding photos. Dancing is actually a great form of cardio; one hour of continuous dancing can burn roughly 240 calories. A bride could take care of their fitness goals, and the first dance for a bride at the wedding with ballroom dance lessons.

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