You're Losing Friends Because of Your Boring Parties


Casino theme party

Are you getting bored with the get-togethers you and your friends have? It is pretty common to fall into a party rut, especially as an adult. Going over to one person’s house and having drinks just gets a little too predictable. A fun idea that can jazz up your parties is by including some type of theme, not only will this be a delightful change of pace, but it will also give you an opportunity to show off your creativity. Here are a few suggestions

Board Game Night
Sometimes the classics are the best. Invite your friends over for a board game night. You can either devote the evening to a particular longer game or have a rotating playlist of shorter playing games. A little healthy competition is always a sure fire way to bring out funny and unforgettable moments.

Murder Mystery Party
The murder mystery party is another classic that doesn’t seem to get much playtime these days, but the planning and scripting of this party can be almost fun as the execution. If you and your friends have a thespian streak it can be a great way to flex those acting muscles. It also allows for a bit of fancy dressing. Inside of the murder mystery theme there can be different sub themes, such as Victorian era, disco or even outer space murder.

Clothing Swap Party
Clothing swaps are a great way to recycle unwanted clothes while getting new looks at the same time. Not only is it a good excuse to get together, it can also help you to clear some of the clutter out of your closet. Anything that is unwanted at the end of the night can be donated to charity.

Casino Theme Party
Over 36.7 million people visit Las Vegas every year. Why not bring a little bit of Vegas home with you? If you and your friends are feeling lucky, then try hosting a group casino party. A casino theme party is a great way to work on your blackjack and poker skills. If you aren’t really the betting type, instead of playing for money consider having a casino night fundraiser for charity.

Whether it is a board game, murder mystery or casino theme party, injecting a little bit of creativity into your parties is a great way to make new memories with your friends and loved ones. What other types of theme parties can you think of to help break the boredom?

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