Working with a Wedding Photographer


Tips for choosing a wedding photographer

Having a knack with great poses for wedding pictures is only a small portion of what wedding photographers must bring to the table. By hiring a professional wedding photographer, you’re also employing them to stand alongside you during what will undoubtedly be a long, potentially stressful day when many personalities will be battling for control – working weddings in any capacity can be challenging. Handled properly, it’s also hugely rewarding, since you get to assist families in their enjoyment of a special day and also help them preserve it forever.
That said, people still balk when they realize that wedding photographers usually require a signed contract before each and every event. Here are a few things that sometimes don’t actually make it into the contract but that you’ll want to consider when you hire a wedding photographer.

  • Feed Them
    Especially at a long event when food will be served to all in attendance, make sure you feed the wedding photographer and their staff. The best time is usually right after everyone’s been served, since folks don’t want their picture taken while negotiating a big plate of food. By making sure they get fed you’re also helping them maintain their energy level.

  • Let Them Retain Creative Control
    It’s not uncommon for families to feel entitled to all of the shots you took. Often you’ll be asked to hand them over, but this isn’t in your best interest or theirs. Be clear that there is necessary post-production work and that you own the rights to your photography. Naturally each scenario is different; bend the rules at your own discretion, but there should be a flat policy in play.

  • Display and Resale Issues
    Given the nature of digital image sharing, it’s going to be impossible for a wedding photographer to retain complete control over what happens to their images once released. But they may want to make restrictions on how they’re to be used/displayed. Also, you will want to negotiate with the photographer ahead of time about whether or not you are comfortable with having your wedding photos used in their advertising.
    Looking around online, you’ll find many wedding preparation tips and ideas, tips for choosing a wedding photographer, all sorts of creative wedding poses for wedding pictures and artistic wedding photography — there’s no shortage of information out there. Whatever you chose, just remember to communicate with them as clearly as possible and try to establish open, honest rapport.
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