Elvis Presley's Life and Career By the Numbers


Elvis aloha from hawaii

For about 60 years, Elvis Presley’s name has been synonymous with some of the most defining moments throughout pop music history — and he left a major imprint on rock n’ roll, blues, RandB, country and gospel music throughout his illustrious career which included dozens of No. 1 hits, millions of records sold and countless adoring fans.

But how much do you really know about the impact that Elvis had through his music and distinct, authentic Elvis shows? Some things might just surprise you. To learn more about just how significant he was and is, take a look at this look at Elvis’ life and career by the numbers:

  • 4 dollars: The price Elvis paid to make his very first recording at age 18. The record was meant as a gift for his mother.
  • 600: The approximate (there were probably more!) number of songs Elvis recorded throughout his entire career, from his early start in the 1950s to his later career in the early 1970s.
  • 15: The number of Elvis songs that have the word “blue” in the title. Can you name them all?
  • 31: The number of feature films that starred Elvis Presley, including “Blue Hawaii.”
  • $2.5 million: The cost of producing Elvis’ live performance special, “Aloha From Hawaii.” The performance was the first live event to be broadcast via satellite around the globe.
  • 5: The number of Elvis performances that took place outside the U.S. Despite this, he maintained a strong fanbase internationally — German fans referred to him as the “Rock n’ Roll Matador.”
  • 3: The number of chart-topping singles Elvis had throughout 2005 in the United Kingdom. Even after his death, he continues to have a significant presence on the charts and is the second-highest-earning dead musician after Michael Jackson.

What are some other fun facts and trivia you know about Elvis? Share with us and your fellow fans in the comments below!

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