The Four Best Principles and Techniques of Digital Video Production


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Digital video and media production is ultimately intended to create marketing videos that help businesses reach customers all over the globe. But while it’s a marketing strategy, the digital video production process is also inherently a creative one.

So whether you’re creating video marketing content for your own company or you’re hiring a video production company to create the content, it’s important for you to have a working understanding of the artistic principles behind good video.

Here are four of the most essential principles and techniques that make for high-quality digital video productions:

1. Composition: Composition is an important artistic concept — essentially, how are the subjects of your video placed within the frame? As a general rule, it’s better if you follow the rule of thirds when considering composition, which essentially rules that an image is more interesting if the subject isn’t placed directly in the center of the frame.

2. Transitions: Good transitions are a must for people to take your video content seriously. Don’t dally with distracting wipe-aways or effects to transition from one scene to another — this is neither Star Wars nor a PowerPoint presentation!

3. Dialogue: The spoken word plays an important role in any digital video production — the words that are said in your video are what convince the viewer to look into buying your product or service. Make sure your video’s actors are reciting lines that sound like normal people talk, and don’t overload the script with too much sales-y language.

4. Concept and story: More than ever, viewers expect every digital video production to tell them a story. Whether it’s happy, sad, funny or educational, make sure your videos enrich the viewer in some way as they watch.

What are some other principles of video production you feel are important? Let us know in the comments! More can be found here.

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