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For many people, the Midwest is not their ideal vacation spot. The fields, farms and cows typically associated with the Midwest don’t exactly scream exotic getaway, but what most do not realize is that the Midwest actually has a lot more to offer than most people would think. Take the state of Idaho, for example. While the only association people may have with the state is potatoes, it is actually a landscape full of beautiful scenery, wildlife and a plethora of fun outdoor activities. Among the cities of Idaho with the most to offer is its capital, Boise. Boise is a vibrant city rich in culture and provides a wide array of events and activities for residents and tourists alike. Especially over the summer, there are a number of ways you can enjoy the great outdoors in Boise. If you are in the area during the warm weather months, consider checking out one of these great outdoor Boise attractions:
Outdoor Things to Do in Boise Idaho

  1. Boise River Greenbelt – The Boise Greenbelt is one of the greatest outdoor attractions in Boise. The 25 mile long pathway runs along the river and includes both a walking and biking trail. Visitors can view an array of wildlife, including a wide variety of birds. The Greenbelt offers scenic views of the river and surrounding parks while enjoying the great outdoors.
  2. Ridge to Rivers – The Boise Foothills provide a unique set of trails and roadways, connecting the city and its surrounding outdoor wonders. Hiking paths are plentiful here, and visitors can enjoy the scenery and wildlife on a variety of different level trails.
  3. The Boise River – While walking along the river is fun, it’s hard to beat floating down it. Many people enjoy renting tubes, kayaks or canoes and stand up paddleboards for a real life lazy river ride. River-goers can enjoy the view from the river as they float along for nearly five miles.

Whether you prefer to walk or float, the Boise river and foothills offer many of the most exciting and most scenic attractions in Boise. Even if you are just passing through, it is well worth your time to stop and enjoy the great outdoors in Boise. Find out more here.

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