Learn to Play Guitar as a Beginner


In the video below, the host kicks off day one of a 10-day guitar training challenge, inviting participants to dedicate 10 minutes daily to playing the guitar. Geared towards absolute beginners, the lesson focuses on mastering the guitar’s easiest chords. The tutorial begins with the E major chord, offering detailed instructions on finger placement and strumming techniques.

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The reporter ensures that newcomers, even those without prior musical experience, can follow along and play their first song within the first 10 minutes.

The tutorial then progresses to the A major chord, highlighting its versatility in combination with the E major chord for playing various songs. Emphasis is placed on practicing chord transitions, with the host stressing the significance of maintaining an anchor finger for smoother changes. Introducing a strumming pattern, the concept of bars and beats is explained, laying the groundwork for playing the beginner-friendly song, “For What It’s Worth,” by Buffalo Springfield.

The reporter concludes by guiding efficient chord changes and encourages viewers to practice the song, gradually increasing the transition speed. He then wraps up with homework, urging participants to dedicate around ten minutes to practicing the E major and A major chords and their transitions. This sets the stage for the following day’s lesson in the ongoing 10-day guitar challenge.

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