Installation of a LED Video Wall for a Church


Wondering how LED video walls differ from other types of displays? As one of the most cutting-edge types of digital signage, LED technology is a commanding, modern way to bring attention to your business and communicate your message. Churchs commonly use LED video walls for their services. Here is some more information.

LED stands for light-emitting diode, which is a semiconductor light source. You may see this technology referred to as “direct view LED.

Video Source

This type of flat-panel display consists of tiny lightbulbs that emit colored lights to create full-color pixels that produce an image. LED technology has become more affordable in the last few years, making it more accessible to a wide range of industries and applications.

Since LED panels don’t require bezels (essentially, the frame around the screen), you can tile them together to create a video wall of any size. The modular design means that your display can be the size of a typical TV or as big as a movie screen. They can also be curved, made into unique shapes or transparent. This is the perfect backdrop for church services. That is why seeing a church led wall is so common.


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