Plenty of Non-Tech Activities for the Whole Family To Do


These days, you can usually occupy kids with an electronic device, whether it’s a phone, tablet or computer. They can watch movies, play games or do any other number of things. But sometimes, it can be fun to do things the old fashioned way. And there could even be forced to in certain situations, such as during power outages or if you are on a camping trip in an area with no cell service. When faced with such a situation, there are a number of games and other activities you and your family can take part in.

One of the most popular family pastimes is a good old fashioned board game. You can stick to tried and true favorites such as Monopoly, or you can try something different such as a sports board game. You might also try a board game that has an entertainment theme, such as an Animal Planet game or a Polar Express game.

If games aren’t really your thing or if you want a more cerebral pursuit, then you might try doing a puzzle. Research shows that puzzles activate our brains while also relaxing us psychologically. You can stick with easy puzzles or go with something more challenging, such as a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle. While a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle can take a long time, it’s not something that has to be finished in one setting. You can start it in a place that’s not used much and then leave it sit until you have time to come back to it. Puzzles are an especially good choice for young children, since the brain makes the most connections among its cells before the age of 10.

If neither puzzles nor games are your thing, you might have more fun doing some sort of craft. Crafts can range from simple things like wood crafts where you glue the pieces together to more complex crafts such as knitting an article of clothing. Crafts can be made easier if you have a craft kit on hand, as it will have all the materials you need to do your craft project.

There are plenty of activities to do with families that don’t involve electronics. Puzzles, board games and crafts are just a few of them. The key is to find something that stimulates the mind, especially when you are dealing with young children.

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