Puzzles are the hobby that never goes out of style, this is why you should bring old traditions back


Do you remember the evenings that were spent without the technology on, sitting with blankets completing a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle? How nice were those evenings that you could just forget everything and spend your time putting all of your energy into difficult puzzles? At the very end you made sure they were carefully glued together so that you could frame your puzzle and display it for anyone who walked into your house to see. These were the days when nights seemed so simple, when sitting down and putting down a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle were the most difficult things you had to keep track of. Well, have you considered bringing back those feelings? Of shutting off all technology and relaxing the way you used to. Maybe buying a puzzle and beginning this again could be something you and your family benefit from.

Did you know that the oldest known puzzle in the world is a dissection of a square that was mentioned by Archimedes back around 250 BC? While yes, we’ve changed the way we look at many puzzles by “upgrading” them to the games that are played on our computer screens and telephones, nothing beats good old fashioned 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles. They even say that the brain makes the most important connections when it is stimulated before the age of ten years old. By ten, a family jigsaw puzzle will have left its mark in your life for years of processing to come.

Unlike a game that you play on a piece of technology that you hold in your hand, movement is the thing that really makes the brain fire. An active body makes an active brain, this is what truly starts the learning process. Dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter, is what is produced when we’re doing puzzles. Doing a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle has many benefits to brain health, more than you can even think about sitting there reading this. Doing a puzzle (though it can prove to be frustrating at times) is known to put our brains almost in a meditative state. Even when we’re frustrated, we’re more relax doing a puzzle than we would be focusing on a television.

Weather it be a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle or a 100 piece puzzle, these are the types of things that our brains should really be focusing on. The ones that should reunite a family at night and make those lasting memories that will continue on for years to come. Just think about how nice a moderately difficult puzzle hanging on your wall that you can show off to your friends and say you made will be.

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