The Iconic Finishing Touch On Any Celebration Fun Latex Balloon Ideas For Your 2019 New Year’s Party


What’s the first thing you think of when imagining a party? Delicious food and good company, no doubt. Perhaps some fun music playing with a drink in one hand.

When it comes to the decorations? Balloons are the mainstay of any celebration. You’ll find them filling up the living room of a child’s birthday party, adding a splash of color to the already lively proceedings. You can see them strewn outside on signs to better direct guests to the office party upstairs. One way or another, the latex balloon is an iconic touch that is never unwelcome.

Helium is a popular ingredient to make balloons sing. Can you get the same amount of fun out of air filled balloons? Here are some fun — and eco-friendly — ways of leveling up your next celebration!

Did You Know?

Balloons, believe it or not, used to be a pretty big invention back in the day. The first rubber balloon was crafted by Professor Michael Faraday in the 1800’s, using two sheets of rubber with the edges stuck together. Over the decades manufacturing capabilities would catch up to ambition, providing us with the accessible latex balloons we know and love today. Silver metalized balloons (which you can find at nearly every grocery store) were invented in the 1970’s. They were designed specifically for the glamorous New York City Ballet.

The Eco-Friendly Nature Of Your Fun Latex Balloons

This may come as a surprise, too, but latex balloons are actually very eco-friendly! Rubber trees grow in rain forests, for starters, and latex harvesting discourages deforestation. Latex-producing trees have widely been left intact to fuel several industries and a single tree can produce latex for up to 40 years. Make sure to dispose of your balloons properly once you’re done. These can be done at just about any recycling facility.

What Today’s Americans Have To Say About Parties

You’re not the only one that wants to add a little color to your life. Parties are how we shrug off stress and reconnect with those we care about. A recent survey showed 70% of participants love celebrating their birthday, at any age. Around 45% of people expect their Valentine to spend at least $50 on a gift, to boot. Next time you have a celebration to attend, step it up a notch with fun latex balloon decorations. You don’t need helium to show off your artistic prowess!

Decorate Your Signs And Banners With Balloons

How do you make sure nobody misses the directions on the way to the party? You decorate your signs with some colorful balloons, that’s how! You can try heart shaped latex balloons for the Valentine Day’s get-together, framing the edges so they pop out against the environment. For New Year’s celebrations or office parties, however, wholesale balloon suppliers can give you several interesting shapes to play with. Make sure they don’t obscure the lettering!

Bundle Smaller Balloons On Gifts For That Extra Pop

What else can you do to make your celebration pop? Try bundling up a cluster of smaller balloons on gifts, the edges of chairs, or by the door. Use them to lead the eye naturally from the entrance to the main lobby or living room. Helium balloons can last between 12 to 20 hours at a time. Air filled balloons may not be able to float by themselves, but they do have the ability to stay full for weeks at a time.

Create a party that ignites the imagination. Reach out to your wholesale balloons suppliers for colorful and fun balloons that put a smile on every guest’s face!

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