Train Your Brain With Hands-On Activities Such as Puzzles, Games and Crafts


We live in a tech-heavy world. Between computers, phones, TVs, tablets and other electronic devices, it can be hard to get kids away from screens. When thinking about gifts to get kids or activities to stimulate their brains without electronic circuits, you might want to look to some old fashioned games and activities.

One of the best choices for an old fashioned activity may be a puzzle. Research shows that puzzles can activate the brain while also helping people to relax, making them a good choice for non-electronic mental stimulation. Puzzles, especially difficult puzzles like a 750 piece jigsaw puzzle, can also cause your body to secrete dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter. This can help to stimulate your brain.

If small puzzles or large puzzles such as a 750 piece jigsaw puzzles are not your thin, you have other options. One of the most time-honored activities to stimulate your brain is a game. There are many options to video games, including card games and board games. There are a number of family games you can play and there also are ones that you can play with just one or two people. These are great options for small kids, as research shows the brain makes the most connections of its cells before age 10, making it a great idea to get your child involved in these kinds of games early on in their lives.

If neither games nor puzzles are really your thing, then you might want to try crafts. Craft kits that involve wood crafts or other kinds of crafts can be a good way to stimulate your brain or just pass the time. Crafts are a good activity for kids and elderly people, but they also can be fun for people of all ages. Some craft kits are meant purely for entertainment, while others can actually produce a product that might be useful in your everyday life.

When it comes to things to do to engage and stimulate your brain, there are multiple activities. While electronic devices do have their benefits, good old fashioned activities such as playing board games, solving puzzles and doing crafts can often be the best thing to stimulate brains young and old.

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