We Give Thanks Thanking Your Pastor for Faithful Leadership


Anniversary gifts aren’t just for married couples anymore. In fact, there are many people in our everyday lives who deserve to be thanked for their devotion: teachers, employees, military personnel, and our pastors and clergy. The faithful shepherding of religious congregations is often a thankless job, and as many as 91 percent of pastors claim that they’ve dealt with burnout at some point during their ministries, and many never make it more than a few years at a particular church or temple. What better way to say thank you to your pastor than celebrating the anniversary of their ministry with your congregation?

Saying Thank You to a Long-Term Commitment

Whether its a first anniversary or a fifteenth or a fiftieth, your pastor deserves to be honored. Pastorship is a deep and selfless commitment to putting the needs of a congregation before one’s own wants. The day in and day out struggle of a pastor deserves to be honored; especially a pastor who has devoted many years to a single church because oftentimes, they have sacrificed time with their own families to offer spiritual support to individuals and families in their care within the church.

The traditional 15 year anniversary gift

A 15 year anniversary gift should be carefully selected for the special servant in your life. The traditional 15 year anniversary gift is crystal. A pastor anniversary gift of a crystal could take on several forms. A crystal anniversary plaque, a set of crystal tumblers, or even a crystal vase would all make lovely gifts for your pastor. These pastor anniversary gifts ideas can be personalized to show appreciation for all of the personal attention your pastor has given to your congregation. If you choose a pastor appreciation plaque, you can include your pastor’s name, years of service, anniversary date, and even a message of thanks or inspirational sentiment. You can even include your favorite scripture that will remind your pastor of just how he or she has blessed your church through their years of service.

A constant reminder

A pastor 15 year anniversary gift of a crystal plaque is a gift that will always be with your pastor, no matter where he or she goes. It can always be a reminder of the years of service and devotion to your congregation long after they may have moved or retired. Make your pastor appreciation gift one of beauty and elegance that will be a fond reminder in the years to come.

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