Finding Some Great Chicken Wings Near You


Americans love to eat meat, more so than almost any other nation. Today’s American cuisine features beef, chicken, fish, and pork, and among them, chicken is the most popular. There are all sorts of ways to prepare chicken, and this popular protein can be either the main course or an ingredient in something else. Shredded or diced chicken meat is a fine ingredient in many dishes, and authentic Mexican cuisine often features chicken alongside fish. Meanwhile, shoppers can find chicken rotisserie chickens for sale, and of course, chicken wings are hugely popular today. The best chicken wings and chicken tenders can be breaded or not, and come with all kinds of spices, herbs, and sauces for maximum flavor. In fact, some caterers and restaurants specialize in offering healthy chicken wings like these, and this is a fine idea for a party. Someone looking for healthy chicken wings can look up something like “unbreaded healthy chicken wings near me” or “spicy chicken wings catering nearby.”

Chicken on the Market Today

Just how popular is chicken overall? As of 2015, Americans ate 90.1 pounds of chicken per capita, and estimates once expected the number to reach 91.8 pounds by 2016, per capita. This is the top American protein, and many billions of chickens are raised and then harvested to fuel this market. As of 2015, nearly nine billion broiler chickens were prepared, and they all weighed 53 billion pounds live weight. This made for 40 billion pounds of chicken product being marketed, and that’s on a ready-to-cook basis. Chicken meat can be bought at grocery stores such as packaged chicken breast, and such meat is a great idea for preparing casseroles, adding protein to a salad, or even Mexican food. Latin American food is hugely popular in the United States today, but tacos and burritos featuring beef are in fact Tex-Mex. Authentic Mexican food uses fish and chicken as their protein, along with ingredients such as corn (not flour) tortillas, white cheese, rice, cilantro, tomatoes, and avocados. Someone visiting an authentic Mexican restaurant can expect plenty of chicken in most non-vegetarian dishes.

Find Some Healthy Chicken Wings

When might someone look for chicken wings? Some parts of the country are known for their fried foods or Latin foods, such as Florida or Texas. A tourist in Miami, for example, may have a great time exploring the local Latin-influenced cuisine, and that may include looking for healthy chicken wings or Latin restaurants serving chicken. An Internet search on a smartphone can show local chicken wing caterers, not to mention asking the locals or consulting a map. Many tourists love to try out local flavors of a new city or country, and the taste of chicken may welcome any Florida guest.

A person might look for healthy chicken wings and food delivery for an event, such as a sports viewing party. Many Americans like to host parties to watch a football, basketball, or baseball game, and that may include snacks such as pizza, nachos, and of course, chicken wings. Many sports fans feel that pizza and chicken wings naturally go to together, and many pizza places today offer chicken wings on the side. But a customer can take it one step further and order some wings from a local kitchen that specializes in chicken, and this means finding even more flavors, sauces, and spices to try out. Wings and chicken tenders may or may not have the bones, and they might be served with other foods on the side. Some chicken kitchens may deliver food, while others may need customers to visit and pick up their order.

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