How to give a gift that will leave a lasting impression


Gift giving is literally the best way to tell someone you care without saying a word. There are a million reasons to give people gifts and those reasons can be huge or even the smallest event can get you in the giving mood. So how can you achieve new levels of gift giving magic? Would you like your gifts to leave a long lasting impression instead of here one day gone the next? Then pay close attention to these hot tips!

Think hard about the kind of person you are giving a gift to. You don’t want to get a vegan a cookbook about barbecuing the best pork ribs or get an empty nester a gift to share with their family that has recently moved on to college. Think about how you can help make their life better even if it is just for a day. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine how happy you would be receiving that gift. Gold heart sparklers are a great choice for the next graduate as they make for some amazing photos to share on social media. Tiny margarita glasses are a great gift for that foodie friend who loves to mix delicious cocktails. A zen garden for your desk is perfect for that career driven individual who is always at work and enjoys simple things that last forever. Your gift doesn’t have to be huge to make an impression even the smallest gifts can be remembered forever.

Does your gift make a difference in their life? Could you use this gift giving opportunity to create lasting memories? Think about seizing the opportunity when you give that college grad those gold heart sparklers. You can offer to take some killer photos of them using the sparklers to have memories forever. You could have the whole family involved and make a day of it with an impromptu photo shoot. This memory building moment can relieve the stress and tension in a stressful and nerve wracking situation for everyone involved. They will be able to look back at these photos forever and remember the fun they had. If you can turn a gift giving moment into a lasting memory do it because life is too short not to enjoy the little things.

Think about how the gift will be the connection between the two of you. Using gold heart sparklers or any kind of cool sparklers in your photos can turn into something you do annually to celebrate and create new memories. Maybe you grew up together playing board and card games like uno so that tiny uno cards game you got them for their plane ride could make their trip much more enjoyable and every time you get together you can play uno as a tradition. Whether your gifting for a friend, family member, or coworker there is always a way to make a connection that can be used for years to come. Take what they like and love into consideration when making purchases and you can’t lose.

Don’t be like the other 25% of the US population that do last minute shopping. Take the opportunity to make every gift count. Plan ahead and do your research because that one gift you give could be a life changing gift no matter how small.

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