Forget pumpkin season, it is really apple season that is upon us


Pumpkin paraphernalia is everywhere. The moment the leaves on the trees begin to change in color it is a sudden rush to find everything pumpkin spice. The world seems to be in frenzy about everything pumpkin but they seem to forget the best parts of fall. Everything apple made beats pumpkin any day of the week. With the numerous flavors and activities that can be done with apples, there is just as wide of a rush for the fresh fruits that there is pumpkins. From bobbing for apples to making caramel and candy covered apples, apples have us covered in being experts of fall menus. But what are some of the best creations that can be concocted with apples?

Apple pie

Of course apple pies might be one of the most well known items on the apple lovers menu. With various different ways to make them, from crumble toppings to hard shells, every apple enthusiast has their favorite way to eat an apple pie. From eating it in a microwave with a dollop of ice cream to straight out of the pie pan, apple pies can be enjoyed in any way at all. Who doesn’t love a wonderful homemade baked pie? Many people also recall their favorite homemade apple recipes being homemade apple pie. If you love everything apple made, then one of these apple pie types must be for you.

Apple fritters

Who doesn’t love a nice warm apple fritter? This strange combination that makes up an apple fitter of fried breading and apples that have been fried together to make a hearty and doughy experience worth tasting at least once. In some cases these apple fritters also have meat and other foot items incorporated into them. What apple lover could deny everything apple made like these delicious fritters?

Apple donut

The amount of love that goes around for the homemade apple donut has grown with America’s love of donuts. Apple donuts have become an obsession that can be as plain as day and loved or as decorated with fun designs and cinnamon frostings. With creativity at an all time high when it comes to foods, These donuts are a fun and quirky way to dress up your favorite apple items.

Apple Cider

One of the best drinks in the cooler temperatures is a nice warm glass of apple cider. With all of the spices of an apple pie and the beautiful aromas of a fresh picked apple, this drink is one that can be paired with any dinner to dress up a perfect fall meal. Or on those last days that fall attempts to hang on to heat, iced! For a nice cool glass of cold apple cider. The options are endless!

Candy apples

A beloved favorite from state fairs everywhere is the candy and caramel apples. These delectable apples were once simply candied or coated with caramel. Now, they are dressed to the nines at times with chocolate and candy coatings. While some love the simplicity of a good regular candy apple while others love everything they can possibly cram onto these fun foods. Regardless of the way you like to eat your apples, an apple on a sick is sure to bring back memories of childhood and give you something to enjoy.

So the next time you’re unsure of what to do with yourselves on a beautiful fall day, get to a farm and do a but of apple picking. Fall fun is waiting around the corner for you and the orchard has plenty of apples to offer for all of your favorite fall treats. Enjoy some awesome autumn activities and explore everything that apple season has to offer every age. From apple picking to baking, there is a fun way to enjoy everything apple made and the autumn season as a whole. Don’t deprive yourselves of apple things, get to the farm today and get your obsession started. Take a hayride, enjoy some activities for the kids, enjoy some outdoor fall activities and indulge yourselves in all things pumpkin.

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