4 Benefits of Escape Rooms as Corporate Events


Based on the popular style video game of the same name live-action escape rooms burst into life in 2007 thanks to creator Takao Kato. The concept was to put players from the video game into real to life escape room situations. Here they had to escape a room solving riddles and puzzles in the allotted time.

Targeted for groups of friends and families corporate escape rooms have also gained popular attention. What better way to boost the old corporate moral and find out what your employees are made of? Corporate heads looking for escape rooms near me are finding out corporate escape rooms could be the best way.

Booking an escape room experience near me events is easy. Look for escape places near me to find a selection. Corporate escape room goals are to help build up teamwork by having to collaborate to solve puzzles, solve riddles and do critical outside-the-box type thinking.

The escape room was invented only a short while ago. That being said, this certainly hasn’t stopped the rise to popularity of this experience. It’s Tako Kato who receives credit for inventing the escape room a decade ago. Since this time, corporate escape rooms have become an amazing way for work teams to grow together. In fact, statistics show that nearly 19% of clients that play escape games are corporate teams. With that in mind, here are four great ways an escape room can help build a better work team.

Helps Improve Engagement

One problem many companies face is keeping workers engaged. In fact, statistics show that low levels of engagement results in a 33% decrease in overall operating income. This is a huge amount of money for any business. Therefore, it’s wise to increase employee engagement by holding fun activities. Considering that, it’s extremely easy to provide workers with a corporate escape room.

Involves Everyone

An escape room experience truly allows everyone to work as a team. Many corporate projects can place too much work on one person. In addition, these environments can sometimes make people less likely to share their opinions. However, an escape room corporate event is likely to have even the shyest workers come out of their shells to help.

Teaches Communication Between Workers

In the world of business, it’s important that workers are able to talk in team settings. Whether in meetings or during brainstorm sessions, it’s important that everyone knows their opinions are valued. Hosting a corporate escape room helps to ensure that workers communicate as a team. In many cases, a team that knows how to communicate in an escape room finds that this translate into business success.

Learn Which Hidden Skills Employees Possess

While playing an escape game, your employees will be tested in many different ways. Considering that, this experience allows workers to show which skills they are best at. In turn, you might find that certain employees possess skills that could be incredibly valuable to your company. Perhaps you’ll find a few workers that would be better suited to other roles in your company.

In conclusion, there are several important corporate skills that can be honed in an escape room. These experiences show that your business is one that wants employees to have a good time. In addition, these rooms involve each worker as part of a team. Escape rooms require that many different puzzles are solved. In turn, this allows for workers to communicate together. In addition, you’ll likely find that certain workers have skills that might surprise you.

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