The Body Positivity Movement And Boudior Photos


If there’s anything that is universal all throughout the United States, it’s that girls and body issues go hand in hand. Body issues are not uncommon for the typical girl living in the United States, particularly once she hits puberty and begins to develop into the shape that she will have as a full grown woman. But body image issues start young, even before the full onset of puberty, and can plague women long into their adult years. In fact, a Teen People Magazine survey conducted a number of years ago found that around one quarter of all girls in their teenage years and before – an astounding twenty five percent of them – reported that they had felt the pressure of the media to have perfectly shaped and sculpted bodies, curvy but not too curvy.

But the images portrayed by the media are far from being fully realistic, often highly airbrushed and photo shopped, and using models that represent only five percent of the population of women in the United States who have the ideal body as portrayed by popular media. And media has a huge impact on body acceptance and beauty standards overall. In a survey conducted of adult American women, it was found that nearly seventy percent in total (sixty nine percent to be exact) felt that their view of the ideal body for a woman to have had been greatly shaped by the images that they saw in magazines. And the wide access to social media among teens has only worsened the problem, with teens that had a great deal of access to social media reporting that they place a more important role on not only just appearance but sexiness than their peers who did not have such access.

And the ramifications of this can be hugely unhealthy for women of all ages around the country. Though the average height for a woman is only five feet four inches and the average weight is nearly one hundred and sixty pounds, more than ninety percent of all women in the country feel that they are chasing an ideal body that they do not yet have. Among college women in particular, more than fifty five percent said that they have felt the pressure to lose weight, whether small amounts of larger amounts of it. This has led to at least half of all women in the United States partaking in unhealthy methods of weight loss – some of which will lead to the development of severe eating disorders.

But self love and the body positivity movement are on the rise. Women are learning to love themselves, no matter what their shape or size. Choosing to do a topless boudoir photo shoot is one such way that this is occurring, as a topless boudoir photo shoot can be a huge way for women, young and old alike, to feel sexy and confident in their bodies – just the way that they are. And topless boudoir photos can certainly be classy boudoir photos as well, with many women choosing to partake in the taking of topless boudoir photos as way to express themselves and their bodies.

And sexy boudoir photography like topless boudoir is certainly not a new phenomenon. In fact, pin up photography first became popular all the way back in the 1940s, and has only grown in popularity since then, fully exploding in the 1950s and 1960s. From black and white boudoir photography to topless boudoir photography and even boudoir pregnancy photography, there’s no doubt about it that sexy boudoir photography is helping women to feel more confident in their skin, and more accepting of themselves as exactly how they are.

There’s no doubt about it that self love and body acceptance are hugely important things for the typical woman in the United States to have – but living in the place that we do, with the media that we do, this can be a wholly difficult thing to attain. Topless boudoir photography is just one way to help turn the tables, to allow women to feel as sexy and confident as they can – all while topless.

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