Finding Affordable Broadway Tickets Helps Families Extend New York Travel Budgets


Off broadway musicals

What started as a trip to see a college gymnastics meet evolved into a college visit and ended with two sets of Broadway play tickets!
You had already purchased airline tickets for yourself, your husband, and your younger daughter when you found out that your older daughter would actually not be traveling with her college gymnastics team to the east coast. A concussion earlier in the week was not only going to keep her off the competition roster, but it was also going to keep her back on campus, resting in her dorm. And while the news from your older daughter was disappointing, you were determined to find a way to make the best of a less than ideal situation.
Your husband and your daughter planned a couple of college visits and filled the time that you otherwise would have spent watching gymnastics with plans to find out about a liberal arts school that was known for graduating biology majors who easily found their way into some of the top medical schools. Once you visited the campus, the campus tour guide shared her tips for where to buy discount Broadway tickets so that the three of you could take in at least one, if not two, shows.

You had looked into purchasing Broadway play tickets yourself, but were a little anxious about using the sites that claimed they were the best resource for cheap show tickets. With advice from a knowledgeable local, however, you were able to more comfortably understand the ins and outs of purchasing Broadway shows and tickets. This find was the final stroke of luck on a trip that started off as looking like a disappointment. You were a little sad that your older daughter was not able to join, but you are certain that you will return to New York again as a family so that all four of you can take in another show.
To be considered a “Broadway Theater” the venue must have a seating capacity of 500 seats or more. And while both on Broadway and Off Broadway shows are popular, it should come as no surprise that an estimated that approximately 70% of Broadway tickets are purchased by tourists who find themselves with just one chance to see a show, so they often want to see some of the most talked about and most recently released options.

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