Renting Tents Everything You Need to Know


Wedding tent rentals

Party Rentals 101: Everything You Need to Know When Renting Tents.

Tips for Renting the Perfect Party Tent

    1. Before you make the financial commitment required to use a tent, be sure to determine whether or not you will be purchasing or renting a tent.

    If you or a loved one are celebrating an event (i.e. birthday party, retirement party, wedding), the use of a tent can add so much to your party. That said, when utilizing a tent there are numerous factors to consider to ensure you are choosing the right one. The most important thing to consider, is whether or not you will rent a tent or purchase a tent. Specifically, consider whether or not you will use the tent for more that three or four times. If you will use it less than four times, renting a tent is the right choice! Knowing important factors like this can ensure that you not only make the correct financial investment, but that you also choose the right tent!

    2. Once you know if you will rent or buy a tent, decide what type of space fits your event best!

    It is very important to make sure that your event has the correct amount of space. If you don’t properly assess the number of people in attendance as well as the needs of your party (i.e. a dance floor, DJ booth space etc.) you may run the risk of having a space that is too small. For example, consider that if you need aisles or speakers at your event, then you should to leave approximately eight square feet for each person at the event. Or, if you intend to have a cocktail party where people will be walking around, you should leave approximately five to six feet of space for people to move around. Knowing the needs of your event, or the various features required for your event, will ensure that you are able to have a relaxing event with your tent rental!

    3. Make the correct decision with regards to the type of tent you use, in order to ensure that your guests are well protected!

    Selecting a tent can be a stressful process, as you have to ensure that you can financially commit to your tent selection as well as be aware of all your tent needs (i.e. do you have a DJ, will you need room for people to walk around etc.). Additionally, it is imperative that you are aware of the various types of tents you can choose from when browsing tent rentals. Specifically, there are two basic types of tent rentals that exists. First, there are frame tents (for example clearspan tents),
    but there are also pole tents (such as tensile tents). Tents vary in shape, size and accommodations, so being aware of all tent rental types is a smart way to ensure all your party needs are met! Keep in mind that certain tents are better for specific types of events (i.e. clearspan tents are very popular for weddings and cocktail parties). All in all, the most important think to do,
    is to explore all tent varieties to ensure you are able to serve your party needs!

If you found these tips helpful, then you are on your way to having a great event. When it comes to tent rentals, be sure to use the key information above to ensure that you are able to find the best tent for your event. First, be sure that you are ready to make the financial commitment associated with tent rentals or tent purchases. Second, know what space you are trying to fill to ensure that every guest is comfortable. Lastly, you want to be sure to explore all the types of tents that exist, in order to ensure that you have the tent that best meets your needs. No matter the decision that you make, be sure to enjoy your party tent and the event!

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