Tips for Choosing and Decorating a Wedding Tent


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Outdoor weddings are some of the most memorable, and if you are in charge of hosting an outdoor event of this type, you are probably looking for tent rentals that can satisfy all your needs. There are great wedding tent rentals out there: here are some tips on how to choose and decorate your tent rentals so that everyone has a great time.

Choose Your Tent Type

There are two basic tent styles. The first is pole tents, which include tensile tents. The second is frame tents, which include clearspan tents. Just remember that the tent will be the focal point of the event and is essentially a blank canvas that you can decorate and adjust in whatever way you prefer. Pole tents have swooping tops and poles in the middle. Frame tents allow for more open space inside. The frame tent will give you more room with no poles to work around, but they are more costly and do not have that classic tent look that some people want. Pole tents are cheaper, and it can be nice to use the poles as part of the decorating scheme. But the poles can also get in the way of aisles, tables, or dancing plans.

Choose Your Tent Size

Companies offering tent rentals will be able to give you exact sizes of their tents and good advice on what you need for your event, but before you discuss anything with them you will need to know how many people you have to accommodate. In general, you will want to take the number of guests and multiply by 15 square feet for table seating, by 6 square feet for standing areas like a cocktail spot, by 2-3 square feet to accommodate a dance area, by 25 square feet for the head table, and by 8 square feet for seating only with chairs and for the ceremony area.

Plan Your Decorations

Lighting may be the most important part of your wedding tent. Lighting sets the mood and can foster just the right atmosphere. You might want things cozy and intimate, or you might prefer them bright and festive. You can play with colors, chandeliers, and lanterns to get just the look you want. The right sort of rugs can also contribute to the atmosphere. You may go for something warm or something grand. The right linens are essential too, as quality textiles in this space communicate sophistication. Don’t forget the flower, either.

As you plan your tent rentals, make sure you think about wedding chairs, wedding carpet rentals, lighting needs, and all the other things that will make your event memorable, exciting, and comfortable for everyone involved. Make sure you have the right kind of tent, enough space within it, and the best decorations to honor the special couple on their big day.

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