How to Style Performance Fishing Shirts Like a "Fly" Fishing Fashionista or Fashion Forward Bro


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Fashion has always been used as means of self expression, and is often used to make a variety of personal, professional, spiritual, political, and religious statements among others. And although trends may come and go, fashion will always be used as subtle and not so subtle form of visual communication.

In today’s style and fashion landscape, a variety of old fashions that were recently considered outdated are en vogue again. Tapered, high waisted “Mom” jeans that were once commonly worn in the 1980s and 1990s have made reappeared on both runways and sidewalks alike. High waisted jeans are en vogue, and a large part of their newfound popularity can be credited to pop culture.

The currently popularity of “Mom” jeans and other 80s styles is a part of a larger movement and trend known as normcore, a portmanteau of the words normal and hardcore. Normcore refers to both a style of dress and personal attitude that seeks to find freedom by embracing the everyday. The characters featured on the sitcom Seinfeld, a cult classic, are prime example of normcore fashion and ethos.

Not to be confused with “basic”, normcore clothing is intentionally casual, neutral and nondescript. Jeans, sneakers, hoodies, turtlenecks, polos, and t-shirts are make up the base of normcore fashion. Niche pieces such as performance fishing shirts also have their piece within the normcore fashion movement, and they’re incredibly fun and easy to style. Here are few simple ways to style performance fishing shirts per the normcore aesthetic.

Jeans are everything

Funny fishing apparel and funny fishing t shirts are best styled with low key denim jeans. The point is to remain comfortable and neutral, so skinny jeans and other fitted trends are out. Offshore fishing apparel should be paired with loose fitting “Mom” or “Dad” jeans. Accessories such as a simple belt is a nice compliment, especially if the you’re the type that prefers to tuck in performance fishing shirts.

Sneakers are super important

Sneakers are a normcore essential and must-have, especially simple tennis shoes. The simpler the shoe or sneaker, the better. Converse sneakers are iffy, as they’re featured in a number of other highly stylized fashion trends, all of which go against the ideals or point of normcore. Sneakers should be kept comfortable, neutral, and practical. Fishing apparel for men and women is inherently casual, and sneakers compliment that those chill vibes.

Have a sense of humor

Performance fishing shirts and fishing shirts with UV protection might not seem “fashionable” when compared to many of todays trends, but that’s the point. When you know and fully embrace who you are, there’s a palpable ease and sense of personal peace that comes with self awareness. Normcore fashion has an air of confidence in which the wearer doesn’t rely on personal aesthetic to convey who they are. There’s nothing to hide behind. For example, it takes a lot of confidence and great sense of humor to rock an ugly Christmas sweater and pull it off. Normcore fashion focuses on what’s on the inside, and not what people can see.

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