Skateboarding A Great Outdoors Activity


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There is a certain love in certain circles for outdoor activities. The fresh air, the sunlight, the ability to interact with friends and family while pursuing an active activity, such as walking or riding a bicycle, has the ability to make a person a little less morose and possibly less lethargic.

The sunlight in particular has the ability to boost feelings of enjoyment. The sun’s rays give off a certain amount of Vitamin D, which is a protective vitamin against depression and other sadness induced illnesses. The sunlight can bring out the pleasurable feelings in people, especially young children.

Sunlight has many powerful effects on the body and mind. For instance, many people choose to do yoga or meditate outside, as the sun’s rays increase a person’s awareness and generally good state of being. Like the effects on Vitamin D, sunlight can bring forth a warm feeling, temperature included.

For many, outdoor activities also offer the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and the company of others. For many of us in today’s American society, work means sitting in a cubicle or an office with little access to sunlight for the majority of the day. Some people, in addition, may experience feelings of loneliness because they cannot talk to others during the day.

There are many activities that can be pursued outdoors even during the winter months. These include walking, riding a bicycle, skateboarding, roller blading, bocci ball, Frisbee golf, tennis, playing hockey, swimming, and much more. Swimming may be the activity difficult to do in the outdoors during winter but the rest have the possibility of being done.

Outdoor activity that includes exercise can be a powerful motivator for future health benefits, according to some fitness experts. Outdoor activity, for many, doesn’t feel or seem like exercise. This is because outdoor activity can be considered a wonderful event overall; not just a simple running on the treadmill or cycling on a stationary bike.

Exercise in turn leads to important milestones in mental and physical health. A person who exercises regularly, whether that is outdoors when walking in the woods or indoors walking on a treadmill, can exercise reducing feelings of lethargy, reduced hypertension (high blood pressure), lower cholesterol, and lower resting heart rate.

It has been show, according to experts, that exercise can help a person cope with the symptoms of diabetes. Exercise is a possible blood glucose regulator, helping individuals with diabetes to have fewer spikes and falls of blood sugar. This, along with eating a healthy diet, can reduce diabetic symptoms significantly.

One of the outdoor activities that is done frequently throughout the country is skateboarding. While skateboarding was once considered a bastion of the counter cultural movement, it has evolved into a mainstream sport where people of all backgrounds and beliefs can join in.

About 11 million people self-report that they skateboard, 77% of which are male and 23% of which are female. Although both sexes tend to participate in skateboarding, the regular skateboarders are generally male, seen in the difference between the core skaters (skating 26 or more times per year) and the casual skaters (25 times or less per year).

83.4% of core skaters are male while only 16.6 of core skaters are female.

There are about 500 skateboarding parks that exist within the United States currently, though there are often plans to build more. Many skateboarding parks exist in smaller municipalities that don’t have nearly as many people as the larger cities. Skateboarders are also selective: Only 3.1% of skateboarding sales occur in sporting good stores.

One of the innovations surrounding skateboarding in the past ten years or so has been the motorized skateboard. While the motorized skateboard doesn’t take as much physical effort as regular skateboarding, the motorized skateboard can be used to get to places quicker and go off-road if necessary.

The motorized skateboard is generally built out of a long-board that is both longer and wider than the typical skateboard. It is wider and longer so that a larger battery can fit beneath it. The battery powers the wheels and is controlled generally by a hand control that the skater uses while skating.

It is known by many names, including the off road electric skateboard, the power skateboard, the new electric skateboard, motorized longboards, and more.

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