Controversy Surrounding the Confederate Flag on Dukes of Hazard Merchandise


Dukes of hazzard license plate

The Dukes of Hazzard was a popular television show that ran for seven seasons from 1979-1985. It was produced by Waldron and created because he noticed that one sixth of record sales were county, but that there were no television shows that matched that country market. The show quickly became a hit, but the most popular and well-noticed aspect of the show was the car, known as the General Lee. During the course of the show, about 300 General Lee cars were used due to them being destroyed during filming. Many things became popular due to the show including confederate gear, confederate stuff, rebel flag items and dukes of hazzard memorabilia including the dukes of hazzard model car.

There has been some controversy surrounding some of the memorabilia surrounding the dukes of kazzard collectibles. This controversy adversely affected the dukes of hazzard model car. The confederate flag has become controversial, causing problems for collectibles that have been around for quite some time.

Due to a June 17th shooting in South Carolina there was a strong movement to eliminate the rebel flag completely. This included many things that took pride and were so popular because of the flag. Many items which sported the controversial rebel flag were pulled from shelves, and this included the beloved dukes of hazzard model car.

Warner Brothers owns the dukes of hazard property and called for a removal of the confederate flag from all collectible merchandise. Despite the big business that such merchandise, including the dukes of hazzard model car, has brought the removal of the flag is shocking considering that majority of the merchandise can be tied to the dukes of hazard simply by the flag. Removal of the flag quickly became the root of serious controversy.

Removing the famous decal off the dukes of hazzard model car has shown to be a hot subject. While some may not agree with the message they believe the flag represents, others see the flag on the collectible merchandise as signature and not to be altered. For now the confederate flag has remained on all dukes of hazzard collectibles, but how long the controversy will go on remains unknown.

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