5 Tips for Getting Hitched Outdoors Without a Hitch


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So you’re considering an outdoor wedding? There is an unmatched charm that comes with letting Mother Nature put her seal of approval on your big day. However, since you have to take into consideration inclement weather and the other unpredictable elements that the great outdoors throw your way, it’s a good idea to take these considerations:

  1. Make the most of nature in your decor.
    One of the greatest perks of holding an outdoor wedding is that the beauty of nature takes care of your decorating needs. Even with very few decorations, your big event will be mesmerizing outside. Because nature changes constantly, it’s a good idea to swing by your site a few days before hand and make sure the natural elements of the setting are going along with your plan. Is the grass mowed? Are the trees clipped and tidy? Make sure it’s not overgrown and forsaken-looking.
  2. Look at other tented events
    Renting a tent is a very simple insurance policy against many potential catastrophes that accompany outdoor events. Tented events allow you to have the whimsical feeling of the wind in your face, while protecting your guests from the likes of rain and harsh sunlight. Tented events also allow you to incorporate misters and space heaters for extreme temperatures.

    There are a hundred thousand different tent setups and add-ons for wedding tents. The trick to hosting your wedding or reception in a tent is scoping out other tented events and figuring out what you love and hate, before you try to throw your own. We’re not suggesting you crash other outdoor weddings to steal their ideas, but if that’s how you do it, we’re not judging you either.

  3. Prepare your guests.
    Many people assume they should dress to the nines for a wedding extravaganza, however this might be an awkward predicament if your guests are getting their heals stuck in the mud and sitting their fancy cocktail dresses on your hay bail seats. It’s a good idea to include wording about the environment in which you’ll be exchanging vows on your invitations. Something like, “Dust off your cowboy boots and join us as we get married under that stars!” should give your guests an idea of the appropriate attire. If you’re worried they won’t get the hint, it’s not unheard of to blatantly list the appropriate attire on your invitation.
  4. Prepare for the unknown.
    There are number of unplanned factors that can impact your big day if it’s outdoors. Consider the most common: rain, bugs, high heat or cold temperatures. Make a contingency plan if these occur. Invest in a dozen or two umbrellas for getting your guests to and from the tent if it rains. Include bug spray in the favor bags. Print your wedding program on a paper fan, so guests can cool themselves off during the ceremony. Have small blankets handy that guests can put over their laps in cold weather. Some wedding planners even suggest providing inexpensive flip flops that guests can trade in their heals for if the ground gets soggy. As they say, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Or as we say it, “If you fail to plan, you plan to have wet, cold and uncomfortable guests.”
  5. Adjust your sound accordingly.
    When you get married in a chapel, the walls around you serve to block outside noise from getting in and create an echo system that amplifies the sound of your voice. This is not available to you when you get married outdoors. The sound of your officiant’s voice (as well as your own and your betroth’s) are more likely to be carried away by the wind, and the organic noises from nature can be distracting. Even if your wedding is a small, intimate affair with only your nearest and dearest, it’s a good idea to consider using an amplification system to ensure you can be heard. Also, if you plan to record your special day; without mic systems, it is almost impossible for video devices to pick up your words clearly outdoors.

Do you have any other tips for planning a beautiful outdoor wedding? Please share them in the comment section below.

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