4 Must-Have Rentals for Your Next Event


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Whether you are planning a wedding, a Bar Mitzvah, or a Sweet 16, the planning process can be tedious and require you to organize a multitude of details. Aside from the food, activities and invitations, you also have to think about the aesthetics of your venue. Many companies offer options for party or wedding rentals, but it’s best to break down the items you need before you start searching. Below are some common items that people rent for parties with tips and tricks for how to have your dream event.

Tent rentals
The first rental item that you must consider when planning an event is the tent. If your event is outside, or at a venue that just might not be large enough for your guest list, the best option is to look into tent rentals. It is best to do this after you have found your venue, as you must determine the size tent you need before renting. Not only do you need to determine the size tent you need, but you also need to select the type of tent you want as well as the decorations you desire. Tents on their own may look plain and at first may deter you from renting one, however, there are many lighting options that can make your tent stand out and look elegant. In fact, some companies even offer sailcloth tents, which are perfect for elegant, outdoor events.

Chair and Table Rentals
After you have chosen your tent style and size, the next step on your list of party rentals is to look into chair and table rentals. Again, you must select the style and size that you desire. Most rental companies offer both round and rectangular tables. While some offer grazing tables, farm tables and family-style tables. For chairs, there will likely be a range of options for you to choose from. If you are having an elegant event, you will likely want to go with Chiavari chairs or something similar.

Linen Rentals
After finding your table, chair and tent rentals, the next step is to look into linens. When looking into event or wedding linen rentals, your first step is to choose the style and color that you desire. Although you may have a style in mind, it’s best to look online at other people’s event or wedding linen rentals for some inspiration before making a final decision. 93% of brides plan their wedding online, whether for inspiration or for the actual rental process.

Furniture Rentals
After finding your event or wedding linen rentals, you may choose to look into furniture rentals. This does not include the tables and chairs that you will likely need to rent, but many people choose to rent additional furniture for their event. Some companies offer LED furniture, which is a great option if your event has a garden, terrace, or other outdoor area. Renting furniture, LED or not, is a great way to direct your guests to the areas you want them in. For example, at most weddings, people gather around the bar area, causing a back-up in the line. If you were to place LED furniture outside or in another area of the venue, you will encourage more people to sit and mingle away from the bar.

What items have you rented that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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