Art Is Good For Our Health Why More Businesses Need To Furbish Their Office Spaces With Still Life Art


There’s something about the presence of art that slows our mind and stills our hearts.

It’s why the first thing we see when entering an establishment is the impressive light fixtures. It’s why the first words that leave our mouths tend to be comments on the interior design or a painting on the far wall. Color, placement, shape…all of these ingredients are a vital part of our wellbeing. As an art curator you are deeply familiar with the function of art on human psychology. Should you be searching for the benefits of art in the workplace, look no further.

Knowledge is power. Learn how still life art and photography helps employees below.

How Art Is Used In Today’s Medical Spaces

The potential of art is limitless. Every day creativity is tapped into to provide benefits to customers and workers alike. An interesting 2011 University Of London study found that blood flow increased by 10% to the ‘joy response’ part of the brain when subjects saw a lovely painting. This is the same area of the brain that lights up when looking at a loved one. This is a great first impression to make on people entering an establishment for the first time, particularly in stressful environments like clinics and hospitals.

Boosting Employee Productivity With Art And Plants

A blank, underfurbished environment is a death knell to productivity. Likewise, allowing employees to bolster their office space with art, knick-knacks, and plants goes a long way to improve performance. Research by Exeter University’s School Of Psychology found that employees who have control over the design and layout of the workspace are not just happier, they’re also healthier. This means lower blood pressure, better mood, and an overall stronger performance. People who work in enriched spaces were nearly 20% more productive than those who didn’t.

Defining Your Art Budget For The Whole Building

A little goes a long way. A common rule-of-thumb for budgeting turn-key art services is 1% to 2% of the general construction budget — this is a relatively small cost for the overall contribution art makes in a worker’s life. Art in the workplace is proven to help business address key challenges, such as reducing stress and increasing creativity. One study found a majority 95% of respondents believing that art makes their workplace more welcoming. The ROI that comes with happier, healthier employees vastly outweighs initial investment.

Choosing Between Plants, Paintings, And Photography

It’s best to choose variety when furbishing a workspace. Not only does it address the different tastes of employees, it’s an inherently organic way of enhancing a given area. The Cleveland Clinic found more than 60% of the patients it surveyed reporting reduced stress from hospital contemporary still life collections. These included works produced in the last 30 years, including fine art posters, public sculptures, and nature images. Plants can easily be situated in the corners of rooms for a more natural feel.

Vital Questions To Ask Corporate Art Consultants In 2020

Professional art consulting services do more than help you pick out paintings. They look at your environment on the whole and figure out how to make it sing. Whether you need to use hospital art for a newly refurbished clinic or want to make your employees feel more comfortable, you’re in good hands. A stress free workplace starts with a single question: how can things be better? Ask your top art advisors about their past experience, as well as which local artists they support.

Create an environment you can be proud of. See what a pastel still life in the lobby or a few more plants in the office can do to support your employees.

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