How to Choose the Best Frame to Present and Protect Your Artwork


So many people have no idea on how to tell the difference types of art prints. However, telling genuine abstract art from reproductions is the least of many artists concerns. There are many galleries offering abstract art prints for sale. Framing of the artwork is what artists have to deal with especially when trying to determine the best frame for their artwork. When choosing a frame, always focus on your art and try to visualize a unified image of the artwork with the frame. If the artwork is on canvas, the main purpose of the frame is to offer structural protection to the artwork as well as enhance the overall appearance of the piece. If you have still life art for sale, the frame around the artwork is meant to be the finishing touch to the piece. This is the reason why art by gina pellon, art by omar dleon and art by paul hunter continue to grace major art shows based on the contrast between the art pieces and the frames. It is important to understand that framing an art piece is an art by itself. A great frame will no doubt enhance the appearance of your art piece. If you are stocking still life art for sale, a poorly selected frame can diminish the value of your work.

To Frame or Not to Frame
Truth be told, not every art piece needs framing. For example, you can have a magnificent still life art for sale for a contemporary gallery. Framing of such art pieces is completely optional. There is a concept in the art world that involves wrapped paintings. The canvas wrap known as gallery wrap stretches around the thick wrapped canvas and the artist is allowed to experiment with different designs leaving the sides neat and smooth. Artists who use canvas mounts are at liberty to paint the sides of the painting for a more complementary look. If a still life art for sale is not gallery-wrapped, the stretchers of the painting are always thinner while the staples are visible on the sides. The intent of this strategy for limited edition art prints for sale by the artists is that the art piece will be framed. The frame has to have enough depth such that it accommodates the thickness of the canvas. Ideally, limited edition fine art prints on panels or boards requires framing for display purposes. The same applies for paintings on paper.

Which Frame to Choose
There are several school of thoughts regarding which frame an artist should select. There are certain frames that are perfect for still life art for sale. The ideal rule of thumb is that the frame should be directed by the artwork. The style of painting should shape the opinion of the frame. For example, classical art pieces work best with mahogany wood frames. On the other hand, abstract paintings require more subtle frames that are sleek and less fussy. For paintings that have a transitional time-period theme, the frame should be a blend of contemporary and traditional styles. Each artwork is considered to be its own universe. It is worth noting that larger paintings work best with frames with wide moldings which interprets to larger frames. Depending on the style of painting, choosing the right frame has never been easy for most artist. If it is a still life art for sale, the right frame is the selling point of that specific piece.

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