Make Your Wedding Memorable By Using Ice Sculptures


Most of the wedding trends come and go, but a few keep on reappearing. Ice sculpture is one of the trends that never get outdated. These “frozen ideas” are conventional décor ideas, but modern-day couples still use them. The best part about wedding ice sculptures is not only are they stunning but also extremely practical.

More so, if you’re having your wedding in winter, then ice sculptures will make beautiful wedding reception centerpieces.

Why Ice Sculptures Are Ideal for a Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an unnerving and a time-consuming process but rewarding when done right. The most stressful part is choosing the right décor for the ceremony. However, using wedding ice sculptures can boost the general aesthetic appeal of your event. Here are a few benefits of these frozen designs:

1. Creativity and Authentication

The most significant purpose of having an ice sculpture for a wedding is that it adds a sense of originality and ingenuity to the design of your event. You will be in a position to get a custom ice sculpture that accentuates your style and sense of fashion.

2. Economical

Having an ice carving is cost-effective, and it will save you tons of bucks during your wedding day. You can choose a few ice sculpting companies and negotiate the price. This will help you stick to your wedding budget and reduce costs where needed.

Although a wedding is a momentous, one-day event, it should never make you nosedive into debts. Gather more information about ice sculpture to ensure that you land on the fairest deal. It’s possible to have a stunning wedding reception at a minimal cost.

3. Conversation Masterpiece

An ice sculpture will bring people together at a wedding. Essentially, guests at weddings merely know each other. If you’re looking forward to making people have a conversation, then having stunning ice sculptures at the center of the wedding venue is the way to go.

This can trigger conversations like the beauty of the sculptures, others asking the price, while most might take moments taking pictures. And remember, the more people communicate at your event, the more enjoyment at your wedding.

Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Ice Sculptures

Choose Your Design – Wedding ice sculptures come in a variety of designs and styles. There are pretty popular ice sculpture designs, including a giant engagement ring, pictures, and even logos. Curved ice is a stylish, elegant, and easy way to capture guests’ attention. There are even wedding-themed pictured sculptures that will leave a lasting and happy memories of your wedding.

Know Where to Get It – There are many ice sculpting companies, but getting a reliable ice sculptor can be a hurdle. You need a reputable company that process orders in time, transport, and deliver ice sculptures safely and timely. Ask for recommendations or visit the companies’ website and read reviews.

Consider Where to Display – Wedding ice sculpture look good right after the entrance, alongside the cake, in the foyer, or even on the gift table. Furthermore, you can make it a central centerpiece for the whole setting and put it right at the center of the room.

How Long Can It Last? – Typically, an ice sculpture can last approximately 4 -6 hours indoors. However, this can differ with sizes. The bigger the size, the longer it can last. More so, you don’t have to worry about the ice melting since water will drip in a self-contained tray. Hence, you won’t feel embarrassed about guests seeing the accumulating water.

Size – On average, an ice sculpture will weigh above 100kgs. Therefore, ensure you choose a table that is stable enough to support it. The size will also depend on the size and layout of the room. If you have a large event room, then choose a large piece, and vice versa.


Wedding ice sculptures will give your event a unique tone. The frozen designs are rarely done. Therefore, you can be confident of having an outstanding wedding that will be the talk of the town. The incorporation of ice sculptures will ultimately create an elegant and wow factor.

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