Finding The Best Balloons for a Party


A balloon is, put simply, a stretchy piece of material that is inflated, usually for decoration. The idea of balloons, being a simple one, is pretty popular and in fact the concept goes back further than some people might think. Balloons can be wonderful decorations for any occasion, and a party store is bound to stock plenty of latex balloons of all different colors, not to mention foil balloons for customers. The store owner, meanwhile, will keep up a steady supply of wholesale latex balloons from local suppliers, and these wholesale latex balloons may arrive in the tens of thousands. When a shipment of wholesale latex balloons arrives, all those balloons may be stock in packets of dozens or even hundreds for customers to buy. And wholesale latex balloons may be joined in the stockroom by foil balloons too, which are just as popular.

All About Balloons

How old is the idea of balloons? Older than some might realize. In fact, they go back to 1824, when a certain professor Michael Faraday made some by combining two rubber sheets whose edges were fused seamlessly. It’s easy to say that the idea stuck, and today, latex and foil balloons today are widely popular. For the most part, latex balloons may be 11 inches wide when fully inflated, and they may last around 12-20 hours when they are filled with helium. And if they’re filled with ordinary air, those helium balloons can be expected to last a couple of weeks or so. These balloons might vary in size somewhat, but it’s safe to say that most are 10-30 centimeters in diameter when fully inflated. Better yet, those latex model balloons are eco-friendly, seeing as real rubber grows in rain forests but latex is made from trees that are not lost when harvested from. An intact latex tree can be expected to last some 40 years or so, providing latex without any deforestation necessary.

What about foil balloons? These balloons, rather than being made of latex, are made of thin foil sheets that expand to an exact size when they are inflated. What is more, these foil sheets are often cut so that they create specific shapes when they are inflated, rather than the standard upside-down pear shape of latex balloons. Some models of these foil balloons might be circular, or they might be squares or even fancier shapes such as hearts or a number. These balloons are ideal for specific events, since their foil surfaces are easy to print graphics on. A foil balloon of any shape can have any colors or images printed on, such as a “happy birthday” message, or a franchise’s imagery. These balloons are nearly always inflated with helium so that they can float around. Thus, foil balloons are nearly always attached to a string that, in turn, is weighted down with something. Such balloons are often found in grocery stores, and are often already inflated for convenience. And if they are already inflated, customers can see the graphics printed on them to make it easier to decide which to buy.

Occasions for Balloons

Where might someone find some colorful balloons? A birthday party is a good example. Most often, it is kids who want colorful decorations all over the place, including not just balloons but also streamers and colorful paper plates, among other things. The party can involve many helium-inflated balloons on strings, or some balloons can be filled with ordinary air and taped to the walls, ceiling, or any other convenient surface. Balloons often float, but they don’t actually have to. For some birthday parties, kids may like having a bunch of air-filled balloons scattered on the floor that they can play with. It’s a sort of variation on ball pits.

Balloons, most often foil ones, are also a fine idea for particular events or as gifts. A hospital patient who’s making a recovery may appreciate some “get well soon” style foil balloons in their hospital room, and balloons of both type are a fine idea for a girl’s Sweet 16 birthday party. Balloons can also be used as generalist decorations for any other event too, such as a charity sports event for kids or a graduation party, too.

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