When Was the Last Time You and Your Significant Other Had a Romantic Getaway?


By this time next year you and your husband will be home alone waiting for both of your daughters to return for the holidays. Your older daughter will have already graduated from the private liberal arts college 12 hours away from home, but will be working on campus for a semester while she waits for her nursing program to start. The fact that your younger daughter will be on campus is an extra incentive for your older daughter to stick around. Being able to be on the same campus for a semester after being so far apart for four years.
For your part, you and your husband plan to spend the first year as empty nesters working extra hours for the college tuition payments, but also planning a few romantic vacations. With 12 hours between your home and where the girls will be, there are plenty of great spots to stop and visit. With miles of golf courses between, in fact, it is likely that at least some of these romantic destinations will also include a few early morning tee times.
Romantic Cabins and Wedding Packages Offer a Number of Unique Settings
From newlyweds to empty nesters, there are a number of couples who are interested in finding the best spots for romantic vacations. The secret, of course, is finding the right place at the right time for the right price. One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to make sure that you plan as far in advance as possible. Especially if you want to find a place that offers special services like massages, rounds of golf, personal training, and salon services, it is important to book those services early as well.
Although the average newlywed couple’s honeymoon will last from seven to nine days, empty nesters often have different kinds of schedules. From several short weekends a year to a long one month’s stay, empty nesters often find themselves looking for some very special places with some unique and relaxing opportunities. As expected, more than 70% of couples who travel together say talking and reconnecting is an important reason to spend time alone together while on vacation. For many of these couples, the location is not always as important as the the relaxing time that is available.

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