Creating a Stress Free Workplace with Art


Artistic inclusion and freedom in the workplace is something that can have a great impact on the productivity of a business. In fact, a study done by Exeter University’s School of Psychology discovered that employees who are given control over the design and layout of their workspace were happier, healthier, and up to 32% more productive. When you consider the effects of art on things such as stress relief and the ability to create a relaxing atmosphere, this becomes less of a surprise.

If you own a business and are considering revamping your decor or allowing your employees a little more creative freedom with their space, you most definitely should and here’s why.

Stress Free Workplace

A study done in 2011 by the University of London showed that blood flow increases by 10% to the joy response area of the brain when subjects look at a beautiful painting. This is similar to the effect of seeing a loved one and can help reduce stress in workers.

Allowing employees to have a hand in the design of their work areas can eliminate stress as well. The ability to mold their space in ways that is satisfying to them will have a calming effect on the brain and stimulate creativity.

If you’re looking for ideas on what kind of art to incorporate or how to display it, there are art consulting firms that can help with this.

Make Your Business More Welcoming

In one survey it was found that 94% of respondents feel that art makes their workplace more welcoming. This is an important factor not only for employee satisfaction, but customer satisfaction as well.

Creating a visually appealing and welcoming space for customers is a guaranteed way to boost customer loyalty. No one wants to come back to a building that is drab and depressing. Art consulting firms can help with this as well and assist you in making decor decisions that will produce the best results.

Professional Assistance

Professional art consulting firms are a great way to makeover your workplace in ways that will produce optimal results. They can help you take full advantage of the many benefits that art can have on your business such as stress relief, boosting creativity, and encouraging expression of opinions. Reach out to a professional firm today and make the best of your workplace!

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