Are You Thinking About Hosting an Outdoor Event?


Tented events

Perhaps you’re hosting an outdoor event like a wedding, and you want every aspect to be precise and perfect. Outdoor event rentals give you a cheap and easy option when it comes to wedding rentals, where you’re already hoping to save some money. We know weddings can get expensive, and especially stressful!

Dimensions and More for Your Wedding Tents Rental

When hosting an outdoor event, you must consider how many guests are going to be there and what you’re going to need for the wedding party to be successful. There are some aspects you have to consider. For instance, if you decide that you or someone else is going to host a speech or event where chairs are going to be lined up in rows, you should allow up to 6 sq. ft. per chair so that everyone has space. Once you’ve estimated how many guests will be attending the wedding, you can figure out the total sq. ft. that you will need in your tent. This means taking the number of guests times 15 sq. ft. for seating at tables, 6 sq. ft. for standing areas, 8 sq. ft. for a wedding ceremony, and 2-3 sq. ft. for a dance area. The average amount of wedding guests at any wedding is 136, so make sure that you account for everyone!

Tent renting is becoming the popular thing for weddings, as many people are moving to outdoors so that they can enjoy the bright, sunny, days on their wedding and spend time together well into the night. According to a Real Weddings Study, 15% of people get married in June, when the weather is great and inviting. Many people go out and buy lavish things for their wedding parties, not keeping in mind that they will never use them again. Perhaps you or a loved one is planning a wedding and have considered buying your own tent, but you aren’t sure. A wedding rental tent is best because you can return it when you’re done using it. If a tent will only be used 3 or 4 times per year, it is better to rent the tent.

If you are planning a wedding, tent rentals are the way to go for a fast and easy decision that will make everyone happy at your outdoor party.

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