Why A Skateboard May Be The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea For Kids


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Looking for great gifts to buy for Christmas? With the holidays closing in, it’s time to start checking off your list of mediocre and redundant ideas so you can get closer to the purchases that will truly show how much you care. When most children aren’t receiving their daily amount of exercise these days, a battery skateboard can prove a thoughtful and delightful gift idea. The skateboard community is making one heck of a comeback these past few years as awareness about personal health rises to the forefront of many peoples’ mind. Take a look below and see if a motor longboard or power skateboard could be the best idea you’ve never had!

Fun Facts About Skateboards

How savvy are you when it comes to skateboards? Let’s take a look. The highest ever recorded Ollie was 45 inches high. That’s over a meter tall! A ‘core skater’ is a term for someone who skates 26 times or more per year. A ‘casual skater’, on the other hand, is a person who skates 25 times or less per year. Both have their place in the skateboarding community, as it is first and foremost a passion for fun that brings people together.

They’re A Crazy Amount Of Fun

A battery skateboard can provide endless days of fun, both solo and with friends! Over 11 million people recently self-reported in a survey they enjoy skateboarding on a routine basis. The United States also boasts over 500 skateboarding parks, areas devoted exclusively to the art of practicing, racing and meeting with like-minded people. Some kids might find a lot of joy learning how to do tricks, while others may enjoy having to do less walking as they go from place-to-place. There’s something for everybody!

It’s Easier Than Ever To Get Fit

Technology makes it pretty easy to sit down for hours and neglect the exercise needed t stay healthy. In fact, many pediatricians are actively worried about the state of America’s youth. It’s estimated one in three children don’t get the daily exercise they need. Another study also saw most children sitting down for seven hours or more in front of a screen! Skateboarding puts a lot of emphasis on the legs and lungs, making it a great way to strengthen muscles while contributing healthy aerobic activity.

You Have Access To A Thriving Skateboard Community

The skateboard community may not be as large as baseball or surfing, but it’s certainly one of the most passionate. The United States accounts for a whopping 50% of the entire skateboarding market worldwide, which should give you a good idea of what your child can have access to once they receive a battery skateboard under the Christmas tree! Although around 75% of skaters are male, more and more female skaters are carving out a name for themselves. Everyone can get in on the hybrid of practical exercise and enjoyable competition that makes skateboarding such an outstanding favorite.

How To Choose The Right Skateboard

Which skateboard will suit your kid best? You have a mountain of potential to choose from. A battery skateboard is great for beginners, as the motor can provide some relief as well as a little extra speed for kids who want to use it on their way to school or a friend’s house. An electric longboard combines the best of both worlds, as the extended length makes it easier to drift almost indefinitely. For those that want to rough it? An all terrain electric skateboard is the way to go. Remember to also invest in a snug helmet and kneepads so beginners can keep themselves protected as they learn their new favorite hobby.

Festive socks may look cute now, but how much staying power do they truly have? A battery skateboard is a gift that’s fun and applicable, something to light up any child’s face on a special day.

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